Wwe Renee young smackdown live moved Monday night raw talking smack cancelled

WWE News: Another ‘SmackDown Live’ Star Will Also Be Working ‘Monday Night Raw’ In Double Duty

Last week, WWE moved Jason Jordan from SmackDown Live to Monday Night Raw after it was revealed that he was Kurt Angle’s son, but is this going to keep happening? While the father-son announcement was big enough, it seemed easy enough for Jordan to just switch brands without any kind of “contract” talk or issue. Now, it seems as if another WWE superstar has jumped from Team Blue to Team Red, but she’ll be working both brands.

When Jason Jordan was moved, the focus was on the storyline that he is Kurt Angle’s long-lost son and it just kind of makes sense for him to be on Monday Night Raw. Having him jump ship like that, though, was kind of odd and it also left Chad Gable, his American Alpha tag team partner, all on his own.

Now, Wrestling Inc. noticed that another star from Tuesday nights is heading to Raw and it appears as if she will be joining her husband. That’s right, Renee Young looks to be destined for Monday evenings as she is joining her new brand as a correspondent, but not full-time.

As her picture on Instagram showed today, she is going to be working Raw, but she is also working SmackDown Live too.

Wrestling Inc. reports that her job on Monday Night Raw will have her in a position to work as a correspondent with Charly Caruso. The thing is, she will still be doing the same position and likely working pay-per-view pre-shows for SmackDown Live as well.

This change-up in Young’s work schedule comes after WWE canceled Talking Smack which aired Tuesday nights after SmackDown Live. The weekly series which had her and Daniel Bryan speaking with superstars didn’t seem to sit too well with Vince McMahon, according to most reports after it was given the boot.

According to Sports Illustrated, the cancellation of Talking Smack wasn’t due to lack of viewers, but it was an order given down by Vince McMahon. The big boss reportedly was not too happy with how it was going and didn’t believe it served the best interests of the company.

Wwe Renee young smackdown live moved Monday night raw talking smack cancelled
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One good thing for Renee Young is that she will now be on Monday Night Raw more often which allows her to spend time with her husband Dean Ambrose who was moved there in April’s Superstar Shake-Up. The WWE power couple has been split for months brand-wise, but this will help a little bit.

While Talking Smack was very popular with the fans and even the superstars, it just didn’t make the cut as far as Vince McMahon was concerned. Daniel Bryan still has a lot to do as he is the General Manager of SmackDown Live, but the cancellation took away a big part of Renee Young’s on-screen time. Now, she will continue working Team Blue, but she’s going to enjoy being a part of Monday Night Raw at the same time.

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