Drake Likes Selena Gomez And Hailey Baldwin Sexy Instagram Pics: Is He Chasing Bieber’s Girlfriends?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are over, but when Drake liked her Instagram pic, he sparked rumors he's chasing after Bieber's girlfriends.

Justin Bieber, beware if you’re trying to keep your current and former girlfriends exclusive. Why the warning? There’s speculation that Drake just may have gone from chasing Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez to going after Justin’s girlfriends. The rapper sparked the rumor mill when he liked both Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin’s Instagram photos. Both lovely ladies are among the long list of women who Bieber has dated.

It may have been a boring day for Drake, or perhaps he just wanted to take some time to admire some gorgeous gals on Instagram. But whatever motivated the rapper, Hollywood Life pointed out that in a single 24-hour time period, Drake liked both Selena’s and Hailey’s sexy photos, speculating that it meant the rapper was getting flirty with Justin’s former gal pals.

“Notorious playboy and serial Instagram liker Drake was at it again…Is he flirting with Justin Bieber’s exes?”

The allegations that the 30-year-old rapper is going after Selena and Hailey stem from his Instagram likes on July 24 and July 25. And while Drake has liked a variety of Instagram images, his stamps of approval for the photos of two of Justin Bieber’s former girlfriends are getting all the attention and sparking speculation about his ultimate goal.

Justin, 23, famously dated Gomez in an on-again, off-again romance for years. And even though the couple once known as Jelena is together no more, with both Bieber and his “Same Old Love” songstress ex moving on, that didn’t stop Drake from lingering on and liking one of Selena’s gorgeous Instagram photos.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have both moved on, but Drake has sparked new rumors that he's chasing Bieber's ex girlfriends.

One of the Instagram photos of Bieber’s former girlfriends shows Selena in one of her ads for Coach. The 25-year-old songstress is sizzling in an innocent floral frock, showcasing a new Coach purse.

The photo of Gomez that Drake liked isn’t even new, but was posted more than a month ago. Something about that image of Justin’s former sweetheart, however, just won the rapper’s approval.

@coach family

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Why the delay between Selena sharing that sexy Instagram photo and Drake’s approval? Hollywood Life speculated that her photo may have just surfaced on his radar or he was looking through a month’s worth of her gorgeous Instagram posts and liked that one best.

After showing his enchantment for Selena’s stunning Instagram photo, Drake moved over to look at another one of Justin Bieber’s former girlfriends. The rapper gifted his second like to a photo from Hailey Baldwin’s Vogue travel diary shoot. Although he liked one showing her swimming, Hailey’s followers appeared to be more drawn to the image of Baldwin’s beautiful body in her swimsuit.

my @voguemagazine travel diary shot by @joetermini LINK IN BIO

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However, Drake may be drawn to the athletic talents that Baldwin showcased in the photo that he liked. Bieber’s 20-year-old former girlfriend combines mermaid charm with Olympics quality diving talents, all set off by that skin-tight, cleavage-flaunting swimsuit.

By liking two of Justin’s former girlfriends’ social media photos, the rapper sparked speculation that he has a “thing for Justin Bieber’s exes,” noted Hollywood Life.

my @voguemagazine travel diary shot by @joetermini LINK IN BIO

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At this point, Selena is busy dating The Weeknd, 26, and reportedly is happy in her relationship, but Hailey just might be available, according to Hollywood Life.

Rumors swirled that Baldwin was enjoying a fling with Cameron Dallas, 22, after the two got cozy during a Carolina Herrera shoot in Spain in March. But although Hailey and Cameron posted photos together that sparked rumors they were an item, an observer told Hollywood Life that Dallas was all over another girl at a July 4 party in Los Angeles.

Two Instagram photos of Justin Bieber's former girlfriends, including Selena Gomez, were liked by Drake.

If Drake does decide to go after Baldwin, will he face competition from Justin? Bieber recently shocked fans when he announced that he was canceling the rest of his Purpose world tour and taking a break, as the Inquisitr reported. But the Biebs seemed to have found someone new to keep him company, with Justin seen hiking shirtless with a hot model (she kept her clothes on).

As for the rapper, Hollywood Life offered up another possible reason for liking Selena and Hailey other than the musician having decided to flirt with Bieber’s former girlfriends.

“The ‘Passionfruit’ singer is known for liking anything and everything on Instagram.”

Calling Drake “the most positive guy,” the media outlet noted the creation of a Tumblr account in 2014 dedicated to all the Instagram posts that the rapper liked. He also is known for showing love for his famous pals, and perhaps Bieber’s ex-girlfriends just happen to be among those famous friends.

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