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Connecticut School Shooting: Possible Second Shooter Arrested In Sandy Hook Massacre

Connecticut School Shooting: Possible Second Shooter Arrested In Sandy Hook Massacre

Police have arrested a possible second shooter in the Connecticut school shooting that took the lives of at least 18 children and 27 people in total.

The death toll in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is said to be preliminary and will likely change, CBS News senior correspondent John Miller reported. Though it is not clear if there was a second shooter inside the school, but police reportedly had another individual in custody who was suspected of being involved in the massacre.

Initial reports noted that unconfirmed information indicates that the gunman was the father of one of the students. The second shooter suspect is close to 20 years old and reportedly drove to the school from New Jersey, CBS News reported.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene with multiple people shot. An 8-year-old student told WCBS-TV he encountered the gunman as he was walking to the school’s office.

“I saw some of the bullets going down the hall and then a teacher pulled me into her classroom,” the boy said.

Witnesses say that the principal, Dawn Hochsprung, was shot, along with a school psychologist and the vice-principal, CNN reported. Much of the shooting took place in a kindergarten classroom, the Courant added.

The Associated Press added more details to the developing Connecticut school shooting story, nothing that the 20-year-old man arrested had two guns including a .223-caliber rifle. New Jersey State Police were reportedly searching a location in the state in connection with the Connecticut school shooting, which is said to be the home of the potential second shooter.

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26 Responses to “Connecticut School Shooting: Possible Second Shooter Arrested In Sandy Hook Massacre”

  1. Cynthia Lynn Schillig

    Sick bad people kill yourself for those innocent children did not deserve this or there familys you make my heart break prayers to there familys ….this world is to be for us not against us …

  2. Psy-Ko Smiley

    Been wondering that too. Yesterday all the news outlets were talking about a second shooter. Now it's like he didn't exist.

  3. Keith Ponder

    Psy-Ko Smiley Too many eyewitness said they saw him. Some reports even make mention of the police bringing him out of the woods with him telling the parents that he wasn't involved. Please don't let this story go away.

  4. Josh Falco

    Are you a complete idiot or just an a-hole? You think the media is fabricating the chaos after a mass shooting of children to support gun control?? It's not the right or left that is destroying this country, it is unabashed morons like yourself.

  5. Dave Waters

    After reviewing this event and looking back to the Aurora Colorado shootings where eye witnesses saw a second person its becoming clear that these are staged false flag events. I know it sounds crazy but our government has been taken hostage and they want badly to disarm us. Its uncomfortable but its what is actually going on.

  6. Kate Schneider

    Yes, I am confused as well. I heard from a couple other news sites that they have a second shooter in custody. No one really seems to be talking about it. Here's footage of the police chasing after the supposed second shooter in the woods behind the school:

    And CBS News also reporting on a second shooter:

  7. Kim LaCapria

    Kate, that was an erroneous first report. Cops gave little and leaked much in the first few hours. It seems there was no second shooter.

  8. Anonymous

    Josh Falco, I think YOU need to wake up and smell the coffee buddy…Christopher Smith up there is right. There is a much larger grand scheme going on here than just "another" school shooting…Where did the second shooter go? They arrested someone, and now you hear nothing about it? Wierd. The Aurora, CO shooter's dad is connected to the "second shooters" dad in Conecticut in some magical way…pretty amazing actually. Check out this link It was on the news the first day, and not the second? Interesting….All the major news channels are owned by The Rothschild, Rockefeller bankster cult, who's plan is total world control, one world order. THEY CONTROL THE MEDIA. THEY CONTROL THE MONEY. THEY CONTROL YOU BUDDY…You hear what THEY want you to hear. If you think that the tragedies in the USA are not 90% or more planned then WAKE UP. This country is the only thing standing in their way of total global control. They want the guns out of our hands so we're defenseless against them. Every time a gov't gets rid of it's countries right to bear arms…there is a MASS MURDER of it's population. Go to this link and take a look at the actual HISTORY of this happening. MY OPINION – Make each teacher take a class in defensive gun training and put a locked firearm in each classroom. Try to shoot up a school then…You dont see people walking in to the NRA office and killing a bunch of innocent people…you know why? Because they all have GUNS. More guns = Less crimes.

  9. Pamela SkinnyFat Lewis

    Kim LaCapria there's video of them chasing and capturing someone in the woods.

  10. Kim LaCapria

    Pamela SkinnyFat Lewis I saw the video, but at this point there is no explanation for the report and thus nothing to cover. It's a very large accusation to make that information like that would be suppressed, so in order to make it, you'd need a very large body of evidence.

    The only reason I can think of the initial reports circulated was because in the aftermath of an incident like this, it is very easy to get confused about what is going on around you. We don't know that there wasn't a janitor who was swept up in the SWAT raid or what have you, or that going into the woods yielded anything.

  11. Kim LaCapria

    Kate Schneider (Sorry, repost but tagging you.) I saw the video, but at this point there is no explanation for the report and thus nothing to cover. It's a very large accusation to make that information like that would be suppressed, so in order to make it, you'd need a very large body of evidence.

    The only reason I can think of the initial reports circulated was because in the aftermath of an incident like this, it is very easy to get confused about what is going on around you. We don't know that there wasn't a janitor who was swept up in the SWAT raid or what have you, or that going into the woods yielded anything.

  12. Anonymous

    We must petition Connecticut Police and demand to know the name of the second individual caught by good Connecticut.
    police officers, whom was hiding in the woods in identical camo fatigue and.
    weapons nearby. He was brought out in handcuffs, and said to many of the.
    parents' faces that "he didn’t do it". This detail must be questioned and fully.
    disclosed. It was caught on camera.
    Two dozen police officers basically caught this guy red.
    handed, and if, out of coincidence, he was legitimately just hiding in the.
    woods at the same time, dressed identical to the shooter, in small woodland.
    between a residential development and an elementary school, on a Friday AM,
    while 20 children were shot, his right to privacy is non-existent.
    Petition and demand the CT police disclose.
    this man’s identity, period! We have the.
    right to know and many people including parents.

  13. JJ James

    Josh Falco Your a moron and every thing on the news and SHOWN on video like the guy arrested out side and the eye witnesses all said there was more then one shooter and the police radio tapes CONFIRM most of news reporting on the first day WAS pretty close to what happened and NOT the new versions of the story that try to pretend they didnt arrest no less then 4 individuals and even reported the purple van seeding off from the school that was later pulled over and had 2 hand guns and a 223 rifle in it they arrested the guy and searched his house in NJ even. Only a frigen moron would say the news videos and the actual 2+ hour long police radio and dispatch tapes from the first day are made up and phony. The officer that was first arriving says he sees 2 of the guys sneaking around a corner trying to get away out the back and yells one of them is coming right towards me and gives chase and then radios in when they had him proned out on the ground in the woods. Then there were parents that seen him being lead to a police car as he was saying he didnt do it he didnt do it. then there was the guy seen arrested and fae down in cuffs out front of the school. Or maybe you would have us believe it was just casual ski mask Friday. Or some thing to explain why all these guys in ski masks were apprehended. or why the witness are LL WRONG about seeing more then one guy and them all having ski masks on. cause so far some of the news outlets said OH that was the brother of the first gun man and turns out it was just mistaken id. and then they said oh no that guy in the back in the ski mask in the woods that was a parent of a girl that went there and he was just trying to get to the school to see if she was safe. first of all the brother was said to lived in Jersey and came up to talk to the police. even tho they said they took his room mates in for ? to help add some more credibility when people said that still dont account for the others arrested near THE SCHOOL. and the stupid parent that would decide to go threw the back way story and put on a ski mask and camouflage to go try and sneak in to the scean of a mass shooting must be crazy or have a death wish esp to book from the police like his life depended on it the way he did, COME ONE NOW. GET REAL DUDE. stop drinking the fluoride its making you retarded. Net you try and tell me jet fuel melts steel to the point of it being molten. Or that every witnesses to the joker shooting are all liers and making it up when they say they saw 2 guys were shooting from different directions and in two different places int he building. at the same time. . or ALL thos that seen one guy get a PHONE CALL ON his cell phone and then went and held the exit door open for the guy that came in in full body armor and chucked a tear gas canister in then started shooting. BEfor the second canister came from the back of the audience some place.

  14. JJ James

    The news videos. videos even shows hi being chased threw the woods and one got away and they arrested the one and had hi on the ground and the police radio tapes confrim him and others being arrested on scean. 4 of them all together. But the first guys chased threw the woods. One first responder radios in he sees 2 dark shadows sneaking around a corner with GUNS. then yells wait on of em is coming right towards my position. then he gives chase. then when hes on the ground and they are cuffing him the officer radios in they have the other subject and that he on the ground pronned out. If you listen to the tape while watching the news helicopter footage its clear its the same chase and arrest. They even report the van and its NJ tags speeding off just as the cops were arriving. about 1hour 23 mins later they report the purple van with the nj tags they are looking for. just passed an officer and that the driver was in a nun outfit and the passenger was in a ski mask. and they took of on foot when the police tried to pull it over and they call in a tactical team to come and help search the neighbor hood when they took off. and they went door to door there and also near the school LOOKING OR SOME ONE.

  15. JJ James

    Not only did they see that one of the 4 suspects arrested at the school they seen him sitting "UP IN THE FRONT" of the police car. UP FRONT like hes one of there buddies or some one that didnt just get arrested and suspected of having involvement in a school shooting and being caught running away in a ski mask. also the kid that describes the guy he seen on the ground in front of the school is a complealty different individual and was at the complete opposite side of the building and in the parking lot behind a car. also on the police tapes way in to them they report trying to pull over the purple van that the first responders called in the NJ plates when they said they seen it speeding off from the school just as they were arriving. When the officers radio in that they located it they said the driver was a dude dressed in a nun outfit and the other in a ski mask. One of the took off on foot and then you hear them request a tactical team be sent to the location to do a house to house search for the subject. And at one point after that one of the police asks dispatch how many so far or some thing and dispatch says "4 in custody so far" and it seems as if they then just need to get the one last guy to have em all. even when first responders are arriving the dispatcher reminds them that the 911l reports say its more then one guy and warn them to make sure they have there vests on. and he with in seconds radios in a lady hysterically telling him two just went around the corner trying to get away and thats when you hear him say he sees them both go past and looked like dark shadows. and then says ones coming right towards him and gives chase on foot. The definitely arrived thinking it was oe then one guy and they definitely seen it was ore then one guy and that all makes sense considering they still say the firs gunman's bush master 223 rifle WAS RECOVERED from the truck of his moms car and never left the car the entire time. NO one say that guy with any thing but 2 hand guns. They even showed video of the ops taking it out and missing around with it to make sure its unloaded and they said ONE round was in the chamber. the 2 hand guns were found in the school and a 4th gun an enfeild rifle was now said to been recovered out side out back of the school. BUT they dont seem to know were that came from and is not one of the moms guns. funny they dont say what cal it was chambered for cause a lot of enfeilds take .223 and some one MUST of been shooting a 223 of some type if the first unman was never seen once with any thing but hand guns and also on the other end of the school as the 7 found shot by a .223 the first guy mostly stayed in the kindergardon area to the left of the school from the front door the rest were in the back and right side of the school. on other thing they are lying about. NOW they are saying this lanza kid was not at the school a few days before when the cops had to be called for some altercation between him and his mom. and dont know were that rumor came from. I can tell you were it came from when the first responders calls in the van leaving the scean the next thing they notice is his car and call in the tags to dispatch to see if its the same car from "the other day" and then dispatch right away confirms it is and it seems as if they know right away to be connected. They seem to be really back pedaling HARD from the storys his mom worked in the kindergarten BUT I know for a act the lady killed in the kindergarten was substituting that day and the person that want in that day or has yet to be named or in the news. I'm friends with some one that knows that lady that was killed Lauren Rousseau, for hours the police were saying they found mr lanza dead in the room with the kindergartners. Till they found out it was infact Lauren Rousseau in the room. all sort of talk about what a hero he was by throwing her self over some kids How much she loved being a teacher and how un lucky she was to be assigned to that room that day. YET NOT word of the lucky lady who wasn't in that day. WAS THAT MRS LANZA I wonder. ??????????????? and if it was why the over up that she worked there. OR if she dint why not word about the regular teacher that was not in that day. not even a mention that shes devastated or going threw any survivor guilt or any thing. I'm wondering if maybe the op and the School tried to cut mrs lanza and her son some slack and violated fed law by not pressing charges on him BEFORE he Came back a few days later and killed a bunch of people. Or no one at the school getting worried and notifying any one if she dint come in to work that day or even call in sick. Just a few days after a confrontation at the school involving her and her nutzo wingnut son. I know if that was the case it would be some bad PR to find out they could of arrested him a few days before and maybe got him some help or at least prevented him from being able to come back and kill every one 4 days later. The police say they know adam and his mom were not speaking to each other for 3 or 4 days leading up to the murders. and that she was in the process of putting hi out of the house even tho she was going to pay for him to get his own place. Which is Very common in domestic cases and usually involve protection orders to.

  16. JJ James

    Kim LaCapria look at the footage of them chasing a guy threw the woods and taking him down. also listen to the police tapes. Just befor one of the officers chases him You can clearly hear him saying to the dispatcher a hes first arriving that a lady ran up and says theres two guys with guns that just ran around the corner trying to get away. He then goes to check it out and says HE sees the 2 individuals just go past looking like 2 dark shadows. Then he says frantically one of the is coming right towards me, and he gives chase then radios in that they have in down and proned out. If you listen to the radio tapes and the one helicopter footage of the chase and take down you an tell its The same chases and guy right as they have him down you hear the officer say they have the other one and hes proned out on the ground right as they are cuffing him. then parents seen him being lead away to a police car where he ironically was placed in the front seat. also the kid describing the evacuation and seeing the police had another guy down on the ground face down and cuffed out side in the front of the school over by the fire house on the opposite side of the school. That had to of been yet another different guy in a ski mask and camo because its not the same guy lead out of the woods on the other side and at a different time. You an also see one guy getting away when they are chasing the first guy threw the woods. I could tall he was good at evasion and avoidance as he knew not to run and just hid behind a tree and let the cops run past him then calmly walks off the other directing threw the woods. While the cops are all focused on the guy there chasing. They also spent a good 3 hours that first day searching the entire neighbor hood on the other side of them woods. They went house to house. MANY residents confined that the first day and said the police were looking for the others that go away. They also call in a few back up requests on the police tapes for tactical teams in different areas threw out the day. about 1 hour 23 ins in an officer palin says they have a guy in a car with Pa. plates "YPQ 400" pulled over in danbury at broadway and brewin. and they want a tac team but all they can send is 2 officers with machine guns. and say there coming up right now. then at about 1 hour and 25 other officers report seeing the purple van seen speeding off from the school when the first responders arrived. and they said its being driving by a guy dressed as a nun and passenger in a ski mask. at 1 hr 41mins they request a tactical tam an then 9 units to search the house around the area It and to start evacuating the houses. sounds as if they pulled the van over and the guy in the mask ran. But that radio report sort of lends some credibility to the first news reports on Friday that the gunMEN got in to the school posing as "a group of 4 or 5 Nuns" So we also dont get to hear what the frig is up with the nun and guy in a ski mas that they did call in that they seen drive by and were going to pull it over. or the other 4 guys arrested and even confirmed on the radio that there is a total of 4 in custody. When one asks dispatch how many they have so far and he said 4 and then just one more to go and they should have em all the subjects accounted for. people need t start copying the unedited police tapes before they start disappearing as they are the best evidence that the first days reporting was pretty dead on to what the police radio was saying. as well as matching up to what Most eye witness say they saw . and confirms but the police tapes dont back up any of the NEW make believe story the news is trying to push. to explain all that stuff away. and still fit a Lone gunman fabrication. they are even saying still! that the first gun mans rifle NEVER ever left the car the entire! time and was recovered from the car and even show video f the police tacking it out from the truck of the car. . So if they KNOW for a fact that that gun never left th ear they HAVE to now it had to of been some one else with a 223 rifle shooting the 7 on the other ends of the school that lanza was in with the 2 hand guns. and thats all any one ever seen him with from the time he broke threw the front window till the time he offed him self and the 2 hand guns were recovered inside near him. and thos shot there all were shot by a hand gun. He also was in a ski mas. BUT NO FLACK VEST and others seen a guy in a flack vest and mask shooting.but they could not see his face Cause he had a black ski mask and some people said the guy taken out of the woods looked kind of like the same guy but could not tell cause the shooters had mas on but dressed the same and same height and build. NO way I can believe ALL the the wittiness and the police tapes are all completely all dead wrong or lying. on witnes lying is the dad that is seen laughing an giggling before he is interview by the news om the first day and you can hear him ask if hes supposed to read whats on the card they gave him and they say ya and he takes about 20 seconds trying to put his said unset game face on and then pretends to be grieving for his child but cant seem to talk about any thing but guns, guns are bad lets ban them esp ones held by any law abiding citizen. . at a time when he just claimed he lost a child from something that any fool KNOWs is because we have gun free zones and not enough armed teachers and adults to protect any one from criminals with guns that can walk in to any school and kill as many as they wish with out ear of ay one stopping them other then a silly sign out front saying its a gun free zone tho they should call them free kill zones cause thats all they are. and No one that ever lost a child to a school shooting would ever logically want MORE gun free zones and MORE kids to get killed. That fake dad with is fake pretend grief is a Obama shill. A real parent worried about there child also DON'T go and put on a prefect tailored 3 ps silk suit to come out and talk to the news or to read there script from a card. .

  17. JJ James

    You mean the 4 individuals they took in to custody. 2 out back of the school one of which is seen being arrested and on the ground in the woods. and also confirmed by the police radio tapes when the cops first sees the two guys sneaking around the corner behind the school then gives case and radios back in when they have him proned out on the ground, thats the one wittiness seen being lead out of the woods in cuffs and put in the FRONT of a police car. Then later on the van with the NJ tags that was radioed in right as the police were first arriving at the school they seen a van with NJ plates seeding out of the parking lot. Tha van was on the police radio a being pulled over and one occupant in a nun outfit and other in the ski mask. and it was reported a 20 year old male that lived in NJ was pulled over by NJ state police and they arrested the guy after finding a 223 rile and 2 hand guns they even showed the NY state police searching his house and it WAS not the house the brother lived in. . and the biggest clue that there had to of been another shooter is they are STILL SAYING the bushmaster rifle the first gun man that killed hi self had was found and recovered from his ar and that it never left the car the entire time. Here's video of them taking it out of the car. and the coroner said that at least 7 body's were indeed killed by a .223 rifle also one other rifle was found OUTSIDE the school and enfield found near the area were they chased the other guys. They say they are trying to determine were the first gun man opps Uh I mean "LONE GUNMAN" got it from cause it was not one of him moms. and mysteriously they arnt saying what type of ammo it was chambered for. a lot of them are .223 tho I have a feeling that rifle is going to disappear out of the official NEW narrative. esp if it is a . 223 Just like they are trying to disappear any reports and videos of the others that were INDEED for a fact taken in to custody. Also here is a news pcs from Saturday that confirms the 20 year old guy with the 223 and 2 had guns in NJ. being arrested. look at the bottom of this pcs were it says …"The Associated Press added more details to the developing Connecticut school shooting story, nothing that the 20-year-old man arrested had two guns including a .223-caliber rifle. New Jersey State Police were reportedly searching a location in the state in connection with the Connecticut school shooting, which is said to be the home of the potential second shooter."

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