Jinder Mahal is Expected to Hold the WWE Title Through the Summer

WWE News: Jinder Mahal Dropping WWE Title Very Soon, Who Will Be The Next WWE Champion?

At WWE Backlash, Jinder Mahal became the WWE Champion after defeating Randy Orton. The win was a huge shock to the WWE Universe because Mahal had been a jobber only a couple of weeks prior to his title victory over Orton. Since then, he’s carried the WWE Title through a long rivalry with The Viper that will culminate in the first Punjabi Prison Match in over a decade at the WWE Battleground PPV later tonight.

The biggest reason why WWE officials booked Jinder Mahal to win and hold the WWE Title for this long is to expand into the Indian market. While Mahal’s push and title reign have been extremely successful in the country, there are not as many financial opportunities for WWE to capitalize on as the powers that be were expecting. As a result, WWE hasn’t received the financial boost they were expecting from the expansion.

It’s now being reported that WWE officials could be pulling back on Jinder Mahal’s push going forward. A big indication for that will be if they take the WWE Championship off him over the next month. Mahal will most likely retain the title against Randy Orton tonight at WWE Battleground, but it’s highly unlikely that Jinder Mahal will walk out of Brooklyn and WWE Summerslam with the WWE Title still on his shoulder.

Jinder Mahal Won the WWE Title at WWE Backlash
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There is a lot of speculation regarding Mahal’s next rival after Randy Orton, but John Cena continues to be the most rumored choice to challenge him for the WWE Championship at ‘Summerslam. A new report is claiming that Cena is expected to win his 17th WWE World Title from Jinder Mahal at the biggest party of the summer next month. However, Baron Corbin is expected to “cash-in” immediately afterward.

John Cena is Expected to Face Jinder Mahal at Summerslam
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It was reported shortly after Baron Corbin won the Money in the Bank briefcase that he would not cash in the contract until Jinder Mahal dropped the WWE Title to a babyface. If these creative plans are right, the title will be dropped to Cena and then Corbin will be the one to leave ‘Summerslam the WWE Champion.

On paper, Cena vs. Corbin would be the rivalry for the WWE Title going forward on SmackDown Live. The main event push for Jinder Mahal may end there, but he’s unlikely to slide all the way down to the bottom of the WWE ladder again. He will likely become a strong mid-card heel that WWE can still market to India for as long as they want to do so. Unless something big changes, Mahal will drop the WWE Title very soon.

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