Jason Jordans Debut As Kurt Angles Son Could Lead To Great Things

WWE Officials Could Be Planning Huge Heel Turn During Kurt Angle/Jason Jordan Storyline

This week on Monday Night Raw, Kurt Angle revealed that WWE Superstar Jason Jordan is his biological son. The response from the WWE Universe has been mixed at best. Many fans are disappointed with the direction that WWE officials are taken with the angle. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan were rumored for the storyline, but the powers that be decided to split up American Alpha in order to give both men significant pushes on Raw and SmackDown Live.

Chad Gable is expected to receive a big mid-card push on “the blue brand” after impressing WWE officials during his matches with Kevin Owens and AJ Styles over the past few weeks. It’s unclear if he will be entering the U.S. Title hunt, but his stock is rising in WWE. Jordan will have a ton of attention and pressure on him alongside Kurt Angle, but it’s clearer what officials have planned for his dynamic with Raw’s GM and what his push should entail going forward.

It’s being reported that WWE officials have no definitive plans for Kurt Angle to wrestle alongside Jason Jordan as a tag team, but there is still the possibility of that happening down the line. Another potential storyline is Angle would seek revenge against a top heel if the latter were to intentionally injure Jason Jordan. The most interesting storyline on the table would be a massive heel turn for Jordan against Kurt Angle that would likely bring him back in the ring.

Jason Jordan Could Turn Heel Against Kurt Angle Someday
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Jason Jordan has a great look for a top babyface. WWE officials are likely attempting to get Jordan over as a face in this storyline, which is why they are pairing him with Kurt Angle. The WWE Hall of Famer’s stamp of approval will mean a lot to the WWE Universe. However, the response to the angle hasn’t been positive thus far and WWE officials could pull the trigger on a heel turn for Jason Jordan quickly if the storyline doesn’t catch the attention of the fans.

Kurt Angle Revealed Jason Jordan As His Son On Raw
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The initial reaction from the WWE Universe wasn’t favorable, but that could change as Angle and Jordan establish a dynamic on WWE television over the coming weeks or even months. Unless the powers that be pull the plug on this storyline, Angle and Jordan will have plenty of time to build a rapport with each other and for the fans to get behind them as father and son on WWE programming. Eventually, a heel turn for Angle or Jordan could be a huge storyline.

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