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WWE Has Set Up A Reunion Of The Shield Perfectly For A Huge Return Match At ‘SummerSlam’

Anyone who has been watching WWE television lately has easily had their excitement turned up a notch by what finally appears to be taking place, but will it?

Ever since the Superstar Shake-Up took place in April, the possibility of a reunion of The Shield has been there since Dean Ambrose was now on Monday Night Raw, but no luck as of yet. Now, it seems as if he may be joined by Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for a big match at SummerSlam.

Obviously, Roman Reigns has been a part of the main event scene as he’s been battling Braun Strowman for a while now. This past week, he was thrown into the WWE Universal Championship picture with Samoa Joe, Brock Lesnar, and Strowman still hanging around as well.

Over the course of the past three months, Dean Ambrose has been dealing with The Miz in a long-running feud. Recently, The Miz was joined by Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel to form The Miztourage and they have greatly outnumbered Ambrose, but that is where Seth Rollins stepped in and helped out.

With that, two former members of The Shield are partnering up again, but they’re still one man short.

wwe news the shield reunion return match summerslam miztourage
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This past week on Monday Night Raw, Rollins and Ambrose were still taken out by The Miztourage as they simply couldn’t handle the numbers. Now, as recapped by the official website of WWE, they will be in a handicap match against Miz, Dallas, and Axel, which will likely end up in a loss.

Forbes believes the formation of The Miztourage is actually just a huge way for WWE to bring back The Shield and give them a trio to face off against. If that is the case, the company may not have long-term plans in place for them and could make this a one-off reunion for a big pay-per-view event such as SummerSlam.

With Roman Reigns not winning the number one contender spot to Brock Lesnar’s title last week, he may soon be out of the championship picture. This would have him in a bit of limbo and he’d need a program to move into and the thing with Braun Strowman has really run its course by now.

According to Fansided, having Reigns out of the title picture would mean that Rollins and Ambrose could call upon him to complete their team against The Miztourage.

wwe news the shield reunion return match summerslam miztourage
[Image by WWE]

While a reunion of The Shield would likely be a short-term program, it could lead to bigger things in the future. All three babyfaces (Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose) could work together to take on The Miztourage and have one of the “Hounds of Justice” eventually turn heel and begin a whole new set of matches and feuds.

There is no doubt that a match involving a reunion of The Shield would easily draw in big numbers for SummerSlam.

Fans have been wanting a reunion of The Shield ever since they broke up years ago, and it has happened but only in small doses. Having Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose partner up against The Miztourage is a great idea, but they are still outnumbered and that will show this upcoming week on Monday Night Raw. Roman Reigns may find it necessary to help out his former brothers and set up a match at SummerSlam that would drive the fans insane.

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