Scott Stapp And Adelita’s Way, Sick Puppies, & Drowning Pool Members On 2017’s ‘Make America Rock Again’ Tour

Featuring Scott Stapp of Creed, Trapt, Drowning Pool, Adelita's Way and Sick Puppies

Set for its second annual outing, the “Make America Rock Again” tour will kick off on August 4 in Sturgis, South Dakota. Featuring Scott Stapp, Drowning Pool, Sick Puppies, Trapt, and Adelita’s Way as its headliners, the tour’s participants have six Grammy nominations, 25 Top 10-charting hit songs (including seven number one hits), and over 30 million albums sold between them. The inaugural “Make America Rock Again” outing drew nearly 100,000 fans in 46 cities, as including active rock radio staples Saliva, Trapt, Alien AntFarm, Saving Abel, Puddle Of Mudd, Tantric, P.O.D., VAST, 12 Stones, Drowning Pool, and Crazy Town.

On behalf of the Inquisitr, I had the pleasure of speaking with four of the tour’s headlining artists via e-mail.

  • Scott Stapp, vocalist of Creed
  • Rick DeJesus, frontman of Adelita’s Way
  • CJ Pierce, guitarist of Drowning Pool
  • Emma Anzai, bassist of Sick Puppies

More information on the awesomely-named “Make America Rock Again” tour — as booked and produced by Supreme Entertainment — can be found at the tour’s website.

Is there something you wish more people knew about you?

Scott Stapp: It’s no secret that I have had some very public struggles and I want people to know that I’m OK. I’m happy, healthy and back to doing what I love.

Rick DeJesus, Adelita’s Way: I actually wish more people knew about us, we still gain new fans every day because people don’t know about us.

Emma Anzai, Sick Puppies: Funny you ask this, I’ve always wanted to let folks know that whenever we do meet and greets or hang out at the merch area and we meet and shake hands with people, I always do the fist bump. A lot of people get thrown off by it and assume it’s a germaphobe thing, but really it’s just a habit. I do that because more often, big guys go to shake my hand and crush it! Not knowing their own strength and sometimes women, too! So to be on the safe side, I always just fist bump as a habit.

Have you toured with any of the other artists on this tour before?

Scott Stapp: I’ve played a couple festivals with the Sick Puppies and toured with Adelita’s Way. Drowning Pool and I were labelmates for years. All great bands and great people.

CJ Pierce, Drowning Pool: We’ve toured with just about every single band that’s on the whole festival. Looking forward to seeing all the bands and catching up with everyone.

Rick DeJesus, Adelita’s Way: Yes — Manafest and Black Moods are friends!

Emma Anzai, Sick Puppies: We’ve played shows with most of the bands on the bill but we’ve toured a lot with Adelitas Way before. Great guys and band — will be fun to see them again!

Emma Anzai, Sick Puppies: Nothing planned as of yet!

Any chance we’ll see you on-stage performing with any of your other tourmates?

Scott Stapp: Always a possibility.

CJ Pierce, Drowning Pool: There’s always a chance of seeing one of us jumping on-stage with another band. It’s usually never planned just a spur of the moment thing when it does happen.

Rick DeJesus, Adelita’s Way: Josh from the Black Moods comes up and does “Tell me” harmonies sometimes.

Do you have a favorite song to play live?

Scott Stapp: Quite a few so hard to pick one, but I’ll say “My Sacrifice” this time.

CJ Pierce, Drowning Pool: “Bodies,” of course! I love all of our tunes, but that song always guarantees an insane reaction from the Crowd.

Rick DeJesus, Adelita’s Way: I love to play “Bad Reputation.”

Emma Anzai, Sick Puppies: Yes, hearing people sing along to “Odd One” never ever gets old. It moves me every single time.

What’s coming up for you after this tour wraps?

Scott Stapp: My other band, Art Of Anarchy, should have some touring lined up to promote our new album The Madness. In between I will be in the studio writing and recording my next solo album. Most importantly though, Jaclyn and I are expecting a new baby in November, so I’ll be home with my family then being the best husband and father I can be.

CJ Pierce, Drowning Pool: We’re about to start the Make America Rock Again Tour in August. We have been and consistently write new music. In a perfect world I’d say we’d record by the end of the year and get new music out early 2018, but with Drowning Pool, you just never know what new adventures await around every turn.

Rick DeJesus, Adelita’s Way: We do Make America Rock until October and we will release our fifth album, Notorious in late September.

Emma Anzai, Sick Puppies: A lot more writing for the next album.

When not busy with rock, how do you like to spend your free time?

Scott Stapp: I’m all about my wife and kids. There is nothing I would rather do during my free time then be with them.

CJ Pierce, Drowning Pool: Free time? (laughs) No free time for me personally. Drowning Pool, of course, is my home base. But I have several other projects I work with. I also do a lot of producing when I’m at home. Local Dallas bands and my other projects. If anything there is never enough time.

Rick DeJesus, Adelita’s Way: With my family, I want to be an outstanding father and husband.

Emma Anzai, Sick Puppies: I absolutely love movies and TV shows. They’re my great escape.

Do you have a favorite album of 2017?

Scott Stapp: Chris Stapleton’s From A Room: Volume 1 and Art Of Anarchy’s The Madness.

CJ Pierce, Drowning Pool: Hard to pick a favorite new album of 2017 when’s there’s so many great bands out there. I will give a hats off to Stone Sour. Always delivering great rock/metal tunes.

Rick DeJesus, Adelita’s Way: Our friends in Starset crushed it this year with Vessels.

Emma Anzai, Sick Puppies: Actually, I’m really into the new Nothingmore stuff. They’ve released just a few songs so far. I’m looking forward to their new album coming out. Great band.

Finally, any last words for the kids?

Scott Stapp: Get ready for a great night of rock and roll!

CJ Pierce, Drowning Pool: Last words for the kids. Don’t drink and drive, take a damn taxi or an Uber. Don’t believe the majority of the stuff you read in the news. It’s all based on someone else’s opinions. Find out the real truth for yourself. Stay true to yourself. Come rock out with us when we’re in your town. Keep listening to metal — it’s great for the soul!

Rick DeJesus, Adelita’s Way: Music is very important and the fans are in control.

Emma Anzai, Sick Puppies: Yes! There have been a lot of folks saying that they’ve wanted to see us live for years but haven’t. Definitely come down to a show on the Make America Rock Again tour and check the bands out. If you like rock music, you’ve got a great escape.

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