Roseanne stars gave input on what their characters

‘Roseanne’ Revival: Sara Gilbert Says Co-Stars Gave Input On Their Characters For ABC Reboot

When Roseanne returns to ABC next year, the characters will have aged 20 years. Viewers last saw the Conners’ in 1997, so there will be major backstories viewers will need to up on when Roseanne, Dan, and the rest of the clan return for the long-awaited eight-episode reboot next spring.

During a segment on The Talk, Roseanne star Sara Gilbert revealed that the actors from the show were asked to tell the writers where they think their characters would be two decades later. Gilbert added that while nothing was set in stone, the Roseanne stars know their characters better than anybody and should have a fair say in what their character would be doing.

“I don’t think that an actor’s voice is going to trump a writer or anything like that, but we have been putting together the Roseanne reboot, we went to all the actors and said ‘Where do you think your character is?'” the Roseanne star said.

“Now, nobody had, like, a major diva moment, like, ‘My character has to be this, or has to be that,’ and ultimately it will be in the writers’ hands, but I think it’s so valuable, no one does know their character as well as the people who play them, in a certain way.”

Roseanne originally ran from 1988 to 1997 and often focused on the struggle of the working class. But when the long-running sitcom returns to ABC for eight new episodes in 2018, they will be facing a very different world.

In the 1980s and ’90s, Roseanne Conner (played by Roseanne Barr) was a factory worker, waitress, telemarketer, lottery winner, and, finally, a writer. When she returns, she will be two decades into grandmotherhood.

While Gilbert didn’t give any details on what she hopes her character, Darlene Conner, will be doing in 2018, in the past, Roseanne Barr has mused about the Conner family’s future.

According to Deadline, in a post on her website in 2009, Barr gave her own take on where the main characters from the show would be in a future Roseanne revival. Barr imagined that patriarch Dan Conner (John Goodman), who was said to have died in the series finale, would reappear alive after faking his death, and Roseanne and Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) would open the first medical marijuana dispensary in Lanford. Barr added that Gilbert’s character, Darlene, would be divorced from David (Johnny Galecki) and would come out and have a baby with her new wife. Barr also wrote that Becky (Lecy Goranson, Sarah Chalke) would be working at Wal-Mart after her husband Mark (Glenn Quinn) died in Iraq, a scenario that could realistically occur in the reboot as actor Glenn Quinn died in 2002.

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