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Our Universe Might Be A Computer Simulation, Scientists Test New Theory

Could our universe be  a computer simulation?

Physicists are testing the theory that our universe is actually a computer simulation.

Just like in the filmThe Matrix, scientists want to determine if the universe is a complex computer simulation and we are all parts of its code. Back in 2003 Nick Bostrom, a University of Oxford philosophy professor outright proclaims

“We are are living in a computer simulation.”

Now, scientists at The University of Washington say that although there are limitations; we do have super computers that can test the theory.

The super computers are using a technique called lattice quantum chromodynamics which uses basic fundamental physical laws that govern our universe. The computer simulation can simulate a very small aspect of our universe, about the size of a nucleus of an atom. But, that small model uses the same principles in creating simulations on a larger scale. Eventually, super computer simulations will be able to compute more powerful simulations on a larger scale from molecules to cells and even humans. In a few decades, computers will be able to simulate large chunks of the universe that would prove we are living in a computer model.

Super Computer Simulation of Universe

Mark Savage a professor at The University of Washington said,

“If you make the simulations big enough, something like our universe should emerge.”

Savage added then they would just have to look for the signature of our universe. If energy signatures in the simulation match the ones in the universe than there is a good chance we live in a computer simulation. So what does that mean if it is true? Zohreh Davoudi, a graduate student at The University of Washington, said that if our universe is a computer simulation than whoever is running it could create other simulations creating parallel universes.

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10 Responses to “Our Universe Might Be A Computer Simulation, Scientists Test New Theory”

  1. Richard Puffert

    So if our universe is part of a computer simulation, who developed it?

  2. Ken Maynard

    Great question coming from a computer guy. 😉 It's interesting that the more powerful the computers to analyze, the clearer it becomes that we know so little. As Rumsfeld would say "we don't know what we don't know and somethings are unknowable".

  3. Lee Holding

    And maybe that's why our universe exists because some sientist in the future is running a simulation because he wants to prove he lives in a simulation, we mister future scientist if you are right then yes we do live in a simulation my friend.

  4. Jacob Garcia

    If we humans are simulations along with present life and life before us, that would have to mean that by counting all the years that we've been in existence plus all life before us, "they(humans)"would've need to have been simulating us for hundreds of millions of years! from that moment of creation, it's way too long and just plain ridiculous. how in the world could anyone run a simulation for hundreds of millions of years or even billions? It would mean that you'd have to count "their existence time" which would probably be hundreds of thousands of years long (judging by their technology), plus the "time" that they've been supposedly "simulating us", and that would equal to around a billion years of their existence, or even way more. Really? How could their civilization survive that long? Technology would change, the planet would change, so many things would change that they would have better things to worry about rather than making a video game. We cant be sure that a civilization could live that long, with the planet changing, catastrophes could be more devastating, an asteroid could hit, so many things could happen that could end life on this planet before we even get to that level of technology.

  5. Kurt Alan Tornberg

    Maybe it is possible that there is no time in the dimension where the simulation is being broadcast. We catalog time with the left side of our brain, and if that is a simulation then it is controlled by the makers of the simulation.

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