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California Man Mauled To Death By Four Pit Bulls


Selma, California — A 34-year-old man was reportedly killed by a pack of four pit bulls in or near the driveway of a home, with one of the bites puncturing his jugular vein according to the medical examiner.

The incident in the Fresno, California, suburb occurred Tuesday night at about 7 pm. The name of the victim of the pit bull attack has not yet been released. Police found paw prints around the body and tracked the pit bulls to a nearby residence.

KSEE 24 News in Fresno has further details on the fatal pit bull attack:

“The attack happened Tuesday night. Detectives say a woman pulled into her driveway and found a man lying on the ground. The pit bulls were found inside a home next door, with blood on them. They were taken away, along with six pit bull puppies and two other dogs.

” ‘The owner of the animals was cooperative. He did sign all the animals over to Liberty Animal Control Services, where they will not be returned to the owner,’ says Liberty Animal Control Services director Daniel Bailey.”

Neighbors interviewed by the media claim the pit bull dogs in question had violent tendencies and were often off leash, wandering around the area, in violation of a county ordinance.

The owner of the dogs may or may not face charges after the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department completes its investigation and turns over its findings to the District Attorney.

Watch some news local clips about the fatal pit bull attack in Selma, California:

[top image credit: Dante Alighieri]

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7 Responses to “California Man Mauled To Death By Four Pit Bulls”

  1. Zippity DooDah

    The owner should face charges and the dogs should be put down. These are NOT the sweet family pitbulls. They attacked someone and killed him. They were a PACK of frenzied killers.

  2. Jack Manning

    My common refrain: "A good Pit Bull Terrier is a dead Pit Bull Terrier."

  3. Dana Behr

    Those dogs are NOT Pit Bulls! Any dogs left to run will develope pack mentality, no matter what breed. Low life trash probably wasn't feeding his dogs either.

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