WWE rumors and spoilers Kurt Angle mystery phone call revealed

WWE Rumors & Spoilers: Kurt Angle’s Mystery Phone Call Revealed By Eric Bischoff?

The WWE rumors about the mystery person Kurt Angle was speaking to during last week’s Raw episode may have been spoiled by a former Raw general manager. Eric Bischoff recently spoke on his wrestling podcast and may have spilled the details of who the big reveal will be when Monday Night Raw returns to television in just a few days from now. It could be the sort of shocking revelation that gets everyone talking and wondering about what’s next. Fans who want to be surprised by the mystery person’s reveal should not read on as WWE spoilers may follow in this article.

According to a Sportskeeda report from Friday, former WWE Raw GM Eric Bischoff was speaking on his recent Bischoff On Wrestling podcast and talked about the Angle storyline. Bischoff mentioned that he might be “burning a bridge with this one” and “hopefully nobody gets in trouble over this because leaks happen.” The former WCW and WWE star brought up the TNA storyline from the past which involved former TNA Impact Wrestling star AJ Styles and Claire Lynch. Apparently, WWE is taking a page out of TNA’s book and looks like they’re “ripping off” that story according to Bischoff.

WWE Raw Kurt Angle and Corey Graves talk over situation
Kurt Angle and Corey Graves have been talking over a mystery situation on Raw for weeks. [Image by WWE]

That Impact Wrestling storyline came during 2012 and involved AJ Styles and TNA boss Dixie Carter. The two had a secret going on, and it seemed like they might be having an affair. However, it was revealed that the pair were actually helping an addicted pregnant woman named Claire Lynch overcome her issues. It resulted in a number of matches involving Styles, Daniels, and Kazarian. One of those matches eventually helped Styles clear things up with a paternity test. It’s unknown if WWE is heading down this sort of path, but they are on a similar one in terms of the story, according to Bischoff.

So who exactly was Kurt Angle speaking to on the phone on Raw when he said “I love you” before hanging up? Bischoff said in his talk that “Dixie is Claire and Kurt is AJ.” If Bischoff is right, it means that the former TNA boss Dixie Carter will, in fact, show up on next week’s episode of Raw. It’s the sort of shocking revelation that will probably get the fans talking, and also take another serious shot at the WWE’s only real competitor out there by bringing another of their former “stars” to WWE.

WWE Dixie Carter appeared on Kurt Angle documentary
Former TNA boss Dixie Carter appeared on WWE Network’s recent Kurt Angle documentary. [Image by WWE]

Carter has been actively teasing the idea on Twitter and also sending tweets to WWE stars who worked in the TNA before. Just recently she tweeted congratulations to AJ Styles for winning the United States title at MSG in New York, with Matt Hardy also mentioned in her tweet. In addition to that, she was featured on the WWE Network documentary Kurt Angle: Homecoming, so her further involvement in a Kurt Angle storyline on Raw makes much more sense now.

It’s unknown if the big story will also be that Kurt Angle and Dixie Carter have some sort of child involved in the situation, but it appears, based on what Bischoff is saying, that they were at the very least having an affair. That means Angle is facing some serious trouble in terms of the fact that he’s married to actress Giovanna Yannotti. Not only that, but one has to wonder if this all could somehow play into Stephanie McMahon and Triple H making their return to Raw to reprimand Angle or relieve him of his Raw general manager duties. Quite possibly it will also set the stage for a rumored Kurt Angle vs. Triple H match at the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view.

A full transcript of Eric Bischoff’s podcast discussion is available from the Reddit website. It should be interesting to see exactly how it all unfolds when the next episode of Raw arrives from Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday night.

[Featured Image by WWE]