CP3 Rockets press conference

Chris Paul Is Introduced By Houston Rockets In Team Press Conference

On Friday afternoon, the Houston Rockets officially introduced the newest member of the team, Chris Paul, to the media for the first time since they traded for him at the start of the free agency signing period.

Paul was joined at the press conference by coach Mike D’Antoni and GM Daryl Morey. After Morey delivered the media a formal introduction of Paul, he then turned it over to the guard to address the reporters in attendance.

Paul began by thanking Darryl for the introduction and stating how much he is excited to be a part of the Rockets organization and to play in front of the fans.

He then said his thank yous to the Clippers fans and organization, but vowed that he did leave them, he just plays for a different team now. It was rumored that Paul left L.A. because he began to despise coach Doc Rivers, according to CBS Sports.

Paul also explained how he and James Harden have been in contact with one another since the trade first occurred. Paul was then asked what made him want to pair up with Harden.

“It’s not just James, it’s also a lot of other guys on the team. What they’ve been able to do here and the way that they play I think that I could incorporate myself and definitely help out just a little bit.”

He then explained how he and Harden both have not had a real opportunity at winning, and by them pairing up they will be helping out one another, as opposed to him just coming to help out James.

When CP3 was acquired by Houston, he decided to opt-in to his contract with the Clippers and do a sign and trade, rather than just leaving altogether.

Paul says his reason for doing it that way was to benefit both teams, which made it possible for him to join the Rockets by clearing the needed cap space.

Paul seemed to be really excited about playing with Rockets’ forward Clint Capela, who is entering his fourth season with the team. He praised Capela for his work ethic and being a “genuine” guy off the floor as well.

Chris was also asked about the possibility of Houston adding New York Knicks’ forward Carmelo Anthony. Paul responded in a way that allowed him and the media to share a huge laugh together.

“One step at a time boss, I don’t know about all of that. I’m just trying to get through this press conference. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The press conference ended in laughter as well when Paul was asked by a reporter if he would get a grill made for his teeth now that he’s moved to Houston. Coach D’Antoni mistakingly thought the reporter was talking about a cooking grill.

Paul then said, “not a smoker, coach,” and then pointed to his teeth. The room exploded with laughter and it turned out to be the segue to ending the conference on a positive note.

[Featured Image by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images]