Big Brother 19 - Julie Chen Talks Cody Nickson Elimination

‘Big Brother 19’: Julie Chen Gives Her Thoughts On Cody Nickson

There have been many houseguests over the 19 seasons of Big Brother, and even though Cody Nickson only had a few weeks in the Big Brother 19 house, he definitely left a lasting impression. Could he go down as one of the most hated houseguests in Big Brother history? After his elimination, it looks like Big Brother host Julie Chen gave her thoughts on the BB19 villain.

Every season on Big Brother, there is usually one houseguest that everyone loves to root against. For Big Brother 2017, that houseguest happened to be Cody. He was a bully and downright mean. Heading into the season, it looked like he could have some potential to win this season. Then he started playing the game and we all wanted him out of the house.

It finally happened last night on Big Brother 19, but he could be headed right back into the house next week! With the “Battle Back” competition now being confirmed by CBS, Cody could be back and he still could be the winner of Big Brother 2017. For now, we all sit back and enjoy at least one week without him being around.

After the inevitable last night on Big Brother 19, it looks like Julie Chen talked with Entertainment Weekly about Cody, and, like most of us, she did not seem to be a huge fan of his.

“At first, I thought Cody was a nice single dad who I felt a lot of empathy for. It can’t be easy, right? Then, once in the house, I started thinking, ‘This guy is kind of a bully and likes to intimidate others.’ I watched him stare down Alex during the first HOH comp when it was two of them left. It was a bit creepy. Then his brushing teeth and just staring people down stone-faced as they tried to get information out of him was also a bully move to try and intimidate and create fear. I guess it would have been funny or more forgiving if I felt he was nice or funny. But I thought he was just a rigid guy with no tolerance for people not like him.”

When it comes to Big Brother, you always have to wonder if it is gameplay or just how this person truly is as a human being. These people are locked in a house with no outside communication. That would be hard for any of us, so you know these people have to start losing their minds after a while. Is that what happened with Cody?

Time will tell, but his exit interview with Julie Chen seemed to show a different side of Cody. It seemed to show a better side and one some of us could root for, had he not been such a bully in the house, which Julie addressed also.

“During his exit interview, I saw a more human side and even a bit of a sense of humor. Here’s hoping he is not as bad of a guy as he came across in the house. We probably only saw the bad side (we all have them). The game and competition can bring out the worst in people.”

Julie also talked about Christmas Abbott, who is staying in the Big Brother 19 game after having surgery on her ankle. She will be recovering in the Big Brother 2017 house, which has also left many BB19 fans in disarray.

“She has built-in entertainment with watching all the house drama and has cameras to document her recovery. She is set! No one likes the boredom of being housebound at home while on bed rest. Plus, she’s an athlete. She doesn’t throw in the towel! I love it!”

For now, we wait until next Friday night to find out if Cody earns a spot back in the Big Brother 19 house. Do you think he can win?

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