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Shia LaBeouf Says He’s Not An Alcoholic And Is Too Busy For Rehab

Shia LaBeouf, who was recently arrested for drunken disorderly conduct in Savannah, Georgia while filming his new movie Peanut Butter Falcon maintains that he isn’t an alcoholic–he just can’t stop drinking once he starts.

Although the star referred to himself as an addict when apologizing for his ridiculous antics, he now maintains that he doesn’t have to drink to get through the day. According to those on set of Peanut Butter Falcon, the former Disney star returned to the set after his arrest like nothing had ever happened and the rest of the cast and crew was instructed to treat it as though it were perfectly normal.

Shia LaBeouf’s lawyer says that the star has no trouble not drinking alcohol, but once he starts, he can’t stop.

In his apology letter that he posted on Twitter, Shia said he was taking steps toward his sobriety, but evidently that doesn’t include going to a rehab program. The star claims that he is too busy to do so.

He described his behavior during his arrest as a “new low” and hopes that this is where he will hit bottom, but it doesn’t appear the star is interested in taking steps to rectify his behavior.

After his arrest, Shia LaBeouf went crazy on several staff members at the Savannah-Chatham Police Station, racially abusing a black cop and telling a white cop that his wife looks up porn with the keyword “big black d**k.”

Shia also told the black officer that he was “out of line” for arresting a white man who was “simply asking for a cigarette.”

This isn’t the first time Shia LaBeouf has been arrested for disorderly conduct. Earlier this year, he was arrested for getting into a public fight with someone yelling anti-Semitic slurs at him in front of his anti-Trump installation.

He was also kicked out of a performance of Cabaret on Broadway for disturbing the show.

Reports state that the producers of Peanut Butter Falcon were nervous to hire Shia LaBeouf after his reputation for being a drunk followed him to the set, but thus far, they have reported no issues with filming.

Serious side note for a minute. I think it's obvious Shia has had some highs, and plenty of lows in the last few years. Some of you here are fans of Shia's films (past, present, or both), some are fans of his art, others are fans of him personally, or based on his appearance, some of you are all of the above… Right now I think it's important, first and foremost, to encourage and hope for his health and happiness. Through support/prayers/positivity, he certainly seems to need it. I'm truly a fan and as much as I would like to deny it, he honestly seems to be struggling. I don't like to see things that cause me to worry for him and his career. He's so talented and genuinely a good guy. Let's hope in some way he finds the help or happiness he needs. *Please keep comments positive. There's already plenty of negative comments in the media right now

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