Photo of Brown family members, stars of 'Alaskan Bush People'

‘ABP’: Matt Brown Attempts To Change Relationship Status, Social Media Shares Update On Ami’s Cancer Diagnosis

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown is reportedly still single and was shown in a recent video clip picking up a girl to allegedly take “his mind off” of Ami Brown’s cancer diagnosis. Radar Online shared the short video clip on Friday of Matt Brown flirting with a girl in Alaska while the other Brown brothers wait patiently for him on a boat. The clip aired on last Wednesday’s episode of Alaskan Bush People that was a mix of new material and old material.

The ABP network, the Discovery Channel, also shared a clip on Twitter of Matt Brown trying to “impress” a girl to get fans excited about the latest Season 7 episode. One fan commented that it was “cute” how the oldest Brown family sibling was “trying to impress that girl,” while other fans commented that they are “bummed about the reruns” when it’s supposed to be an entirely new season that started in June.

Matt Brown, 34, has been single for a while, but apparently is eager to change his relationship status from single to dating, even amid Brown family matriarch Ami Brown’s recent public cancer diagnosis. Less than a month before the current season aired on the Discovery Channel, Brown family patriarch Billy Brown, 64, shared the news via the Alaskan Bush People official Twitter account that Ami is sick and they would have to leave Browntown and the Alaskan Bush.

People Magazine reported two weeks after Alaskan Bush People Season 7 premiered that Ami Brown, 53, had been diagnosed with lung cancer and shared reactions from several of the Brown’s seven children, including “eldest son Matt,” who said that nothing could prepare him for that moment. Matt Brown broke his silence on Ami’s stage three or stage four cancer diagnosis on the second episode of Season 7.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, stage four lung cancer is the “most serious level” for cancer and means that “the patient does not have a lot of time left.” So, some longtime fans of Alaskan Bush People wonder how Matt Brown could be “picking up women” when Ami Brown is reportedly in California receiving cancer treatment. Some fans also say that they are confused by the last few episodes of Season 7 because they are showing some new video footage and some video footage from previous seasons.

Overall, ABP fans would like an update on Ami’s health and would like to know what is going on with the Brown family “now.” The Alaskan Bush People official Facebook page shared a disclaimer on Wednesday that the episode was a “lost episode” of ABP — meaning it’s not known when exactly Matt Brown was filmed trying to pick up the “pretty brunette wearing a polka-dot dress.”

The Matthew “Matt” Jeremiah Brown Facebook page shared on Monday that there are no “new updates on Ami or her medical treatment in California,” adding that Matt Brown is currently in the lower 48 states with the rest of the Brown family. Just four days before that, the same Facebook page shared a group of photos of the Alaskan Bush People — including Matt — posing with fans. The post went on to say that the photos were taken within the last two weeks, and the Brown family is “staying close to Ami while she continues her medical treatments.”

Meanwhile, an Alaskan Bush People subreddit shared a “strange and sad theory” on Thursday that Ami Brown has “already passed away,” although, that rumor has not been confirmed by the Discovery Channel or any of the members of the Brown family.

Another episode of Alaskan Bush People is set to air tonight on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. ET. The Season 7 Episode 6, titled “Ground Up,” will show the Brown family “work together to build up Browntown,” while Matt Brown “works to construct a new home unique materials,” as summarized by TV Guide.

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