'Alaskan Bush People' Lost Episodes: Could Fan Theory Explain Why Discovery Isn't Showing Much New Content?

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Lost Episodes: Could Fan Theory Explain Why Discovery Isn’t Showing Much New Content?

For the past two weeks, Discovery has been airing Alaskan Bush People “lost episodes” made up of previous footage nonetheless shown for the first time. Due to family matriarch Ami Brown’s cancer battle, this has been a necessary move for the documentary/reality show. And while a new post from the show’s Facebook page hasn’t done much to calm fans upset over both the lost episodes and the recent rumors of the series being fake, there have been some fans who have stepped up to offer their own theories on why Alaskan Bush People is sticking mainly to flashbacks in the ongoing seventh season.

In a Facebook post from yesterday, the show’s official page acknowledged how Discovery has received a lot of fan letters since Ami Brown’s cancer diagnosis was first reported. And with that in mind, last night’s post gave a special shout-out to a woman named Megan Schryver, who had sent a letter to the show that focused on the importance of strong family ties, and never giving up despite the challenges that come one’s way.

“I love your message of ‘never give up, never surrender,’ and your strong family ties! You have what is most important — you have each other. I wish you the best!”

It was a short, yet meaningful note that may have been Discovery’s way of tiding over fans unhappy with the recent Alaskan Bush People lost episodes. As the Inquisitr reported yesterday, there has been a persistent clamor for all-new episodes, or even a quick update on Ami Brown’s cancer battle, instead of old content and flashbacks.

However, some of the more popular replies to the aforementioned Facebook post are those that sing the same refrain — new episodes are needed, and people want to know how Ami is doing. There have also been some commenters who openly cast doubt on Alaskan Bush People’s authenticity, in the light of TV Overmind’s attempted expose from earlier this week.

“I agree, why show those old clips that we have already seen at least twice??? What is happening with Ami??? They didn’t say a word about that on the show last night. UGH.”

“What about my letter asking if any of them felt awful that some people believe Ami’s ‘cancer’ is real and not just scripted like everything else?”

Amid all the disappointment over the Alaskan Bush People lost episodes and the accusations of the series, and even Ami Brown’s cancer, being fake, there have been some commenters calling out the naysayers, asking that they show some consideration in the light of Ami’s health struggles. One woman had also offered her own theory on why she feels Discovery is rehashing old clips and passing them off as parts of new episodes — it’s a simple case of the Brown family wanting to deal with Ami’s cancer battle in private, and not in front of several thousands of television viewers all over the world.

“I’m thinking them showing all these clips and reruns is because the family wants their privacy. She may very well be on her death bed. She looked very frail last time we saw her on the show a couple weeks ago. She’s definitely been getting sicker over the last couple seasons..Just by the way she looked and really wasn’t seen all that much on the show…”

Do you agree with the above fan’s thoughts on why Alaskan Bush People has focused on “lost episodes” for the meantime? Do you think the Brown family should keep TV viewers in the loop regarding Ami Brown’s cancer battle through the show, or do you think it’s better that they maintain their privacy during these trying times? We’d like to hear from you in the comments section below.

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