Ladybugs infest Twitter, Google

It was the cutest infestation ever!

NBC Connecticut covered the “ladybug invasion,” and Tweeters from places as far reaching as Colorado, Missouri and Toronto took to everyone’s favorite microblogging service to moan about the adorable, harmless pests in 140 characters or less. People who have clearly never lived above a bodega in Brooklyn (seriously, people-a flying cockroach as large as a mid-sized bird once whizzed by my head in Penn Station) are frightened of the wee beasts, with tweets like these taking over Twitter:

LADYBUG INVASION!!! There are at least 60 in my kitchen. I kid you not.

ladybug invasion! how do they get in??? HOW HOW HOW?

There’s a really weird ladybug phenomenon going on here in STL. Thousands of them everywhere. Hopefully it’s true that their good luck! ☼

you wouldn’t happen to go to the U of New Haven, would you? Because there’s a ladybug infestation here too. lol

I just found a ladybug in my shirt… Stupid ladybugs are everywhereeee.

The NBC article cites the weekend’s Nor’easter as a factor in ladybug reports in that region, positing that the wet weather drove the ladybugs into homes. That doesn’t account for the rest of the country, though. If you’re suffering under a plague of ladybugs, remember that they are generally harmless and the main preventative steps recommended are vacuuming and caulking holes if the problem persists.