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Aussie Burger Joint Gives Out Condoms To Promote Greasy Offerings

Burger Urge's controversial marketing practice

Australian restaurant Burger Urge is stirring up controversy (though they could argue they’re performing a public service) by delivering condoms to mailboxes all over Brisbane to promote their greasy offerings.

The condom wrappers say ”get intimate with our new premium beef” and were delivered to customers across New Farm, West End and Kelvin Grove over the weekend, reports the Courier Mail. Burger Urge’s owner, Sean Carthew, says that the restaurant is already experiencing backlash over the odd marketing practice, and customer complaints have been rolling in.

”We’ve had a parent complain and say if their child found that in the letterbox that would be concerning,” he said. ”We’ve got some big franchise competitors and we’re a small business. When you just do standard flyer drops, more often than not they just go straight into the bin. We’re just trying to be a little bit creative about how we can market.”

One particularly irritated condom recipient complained to Burger Urge in an email. It read:

”I’ve never contacted a company to have a whinge before but I’ve got a couple of extra days off this week so I’m making an exception for you.”

”Yesterday you put a condom in my mailbox to try and inspire me to eat your burgers? Sorry I think you just lost a big chunk of market share to Grill’d and the local pub. At least they’ve got some shred of class.”

Carthew argues that Burger Urge has to be creative, as it cannot afford high-priced marketing initiatives.

”To be honest, it’s hard enough the retail market the way it is at the moment just staying in business. We’ve got 70 employees who pay their rent and rely on us to be solvent.

”I feel like us staying in business is our primary objective and if that means that one or two percent of the population might be offended and might boycott our store well then I can still sleep at night.”

He also says that Burger Urge is promoting safe sex, and even though some may be offended, the company is getting behind an important social issue.

”I showed my mum and dad before we put them out and mum went `oh Sean, you can’t do that’ and dad laughed. They both concluded it was a bit cheeky but not anything that was going to change the world. If anything it’s promoting a good cause which is safe sex.

”People jump up and down like it’s an outrage but there are wars going on.”

Would you be offended if a local burger joint sent you a condom to promote their services?

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