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Nursing Home Hidden Camera Gets Pennsylvania Workers Arrested

Nursing Home

A nursing home hidden camera led to the arrests of two former employees in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

NBC News reports that an investigation conducted by police and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare resulted in charges being filed against workers Regina Battles, 20, and Irene Rodriguez, 22.

According to investigators, the alleged abuse took place at Arbors at Buck Run, a nursing facility in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Authorities were initially alerted to the possible abuse by the daughter of an elderly patient residing at the home. writes that the daughter became suspicious of mistreatment after her mother was taken to Abington Memorial Hospital for the treatment of injuries that included bruising, scabs, and bleeding from the woman’s feet.

Taking matters into their own hands, the family of the victim decided to place a hidden camera in her room in the hopes of identifying her abusers. It seems they may have been successful; the video allegedly captures the workers taunting and dancing around the elderly patient. The footage goes on to show harsher abuse.


“Police say the hidden video shows repeated incidents in which Rodriguez and Battles allegedly picked up the victim from her wheelchair, dump her on her bed and then roughly tossing her legs onto the mattress.”

No longer employed at the nursing home, both workers have been charged with neglect of a care dependent person, reckless endangerment, simple assault, and harassment. The facility’s license has also been revoked by the Department of Public Welfare.

Would you use a hidden camera to protect your loved ones in a nursing home? What do you think should happen to the Pennsylvania workers if found guilty?

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3 Responses to “Nursing Home Hidden Camera Gets Pennsylvania Workers Arrested”

  1. Deborah Calvert

    The California DOJ (BMFEA) used cameras in a San Diego Sun Healthcare operated nursing home in 2003, which revealed employees didn't give eye drops to an elderly patient. Ha! The whole time we were reporting serious neglect, lack of staffing, broken equipment in Sun's Newport Beach SunBridge. Five patients died that I know of: Stella Carter; Richard Laga -gangrene; Betty Harness -fecal impaction; Evelyn Calvert -numerous pneumnias, dehydration, kidney failure and finally heart attack; the man in Rm 2B Oct 2003 of aspiration pneumonia after two suction equpments failed to work. Yet no fine by the Dept of Health either. Why? Corruption in the system. Richard K. Matros got away with murder.
    Deb Calvert, Newport Beach, California.

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