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Casey Anthony Sighting 2012: Infamous ‘Tot Mom’ Spotted Dining In South Florida [Video]

Casey Anthony Sighting 2012 south florida restaurant flanigans

Casey Anthony has reportedly emerged from hiding as she was spotted eating out at a steak house in South Florida last week.

According RadarOnline, Anthony sat down for a meal at Flanigan’s Seafood Bar and Grill in Lake Worth, Florida, on December 7.

The outing was the 26-year-old’s first public sighting since she was found not guilty in the death of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, in July 2011.

Joining Anthony for the dinner was Pat McKenna – a West Palm Beach private eye who worked on Anthony’s defense.

McKenna is also remembered for his work in clearing fallen football icon OJ Simpson of murder in 1995.

“No one wants to be associated with Casey, it’s just such bad publicity,” one source claiming to have seen Anthony at the restaurant told Radar. “She was really quiet and not that many people were noticing it was her.”

After the dinner, McKenna reportedly paid the tab with a credit card in his name. Subsequent calls to the restaurant to confirm Anthony’s visit were shot down.

In other Casey Anthony news, Florida sheriff’s investigators said last month they missed a key piece of evidence — a Google search on the family’s home computer for “fool-proof” suffocation — that could have put her away in the death of her daughter Caylee, who disappeared in July 2008, shortly before her third birthday.

Caylee was not reported missing for 31 days, until Casey’s grandparents discovered Casey’s car had a strong odor of decomposition.

In January 2013, Casey’s story will be the subject of a Lifetime movie, Prosecuting Casey Anthony.

Rob Lowe stars as Florida prosecutor Jeff Ashton, with relative unknown, Virginia Welch, playing the notorious Tot Mom.

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16 Responses to “Casey Anthony Sighting 2012: Infamous ‘Tot Mom’ Spotted Dining In South Florida [Video]”

  1. Kathy Marie Tolson Cottrell

    Who gives a $h! t about what she ate or who she was with! I want her to confess..

  2. Nancy Kilburn Brosius

    If I could ask her one question it would be, HOW THE HELL COULD YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF AFTER THIS? Even if you didn't do it you know who did even your parents confess your LIES

  3. Alice Smith

    There will come a time when someone sees her and… forgets to tell us where they put her…think anyone will give a sh-it?

  4. Gbabys Mommi

    She needs to pay but they have already let her go double jepordy I think that is a load of s#@$

  5. Ron Roppo

    what ever happened in the past is gone only thing to do now is today and tomorrow. For her she must look at positive people to be around that would help her to move forward int o a productive life. Meet some one nice and get your life back on track stay positive and walk away from negativity.

  6. Ron Roppo

    Its good for her to go out. shes a young lady and has to go out and have fun see a movie have a nice dinner or something she likes. Everyone should have a good time out with friends or a special person.

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