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McKayla Maroney Not Impressed Moment Becomes A Positive For Gymnast

McKayla Maroney Not Impressed Moment Turns Positive

McKayla Maroney could have let her not impressed moment go, but instead the 17-year-old gymnast has decided to embrace the meme that pokes fun at her seemingly angry acceptance of a silver medal.

In an interview with Yahoo! Sports, Maroney said the “not impressed” moment captured on the podium after she took silver in the vault competition at first was seen as the ungratefulness of a bratty competitor. Maroney noted that within hours of returning to her dorm after the competition, people on the internet who had seen the picture were calling her spoiled and disrespectful.

“It was just a moment of complete shock,” McKayla Maroney said of her not impressed moment. “I can’t even remember much of that day. I remember the day before watching other Americans on the medal stand and hearing the anthem. I remember wishing it had gone differently, and I had an expression on my face for two seconds.”

She admitted that the criticism stung at first.

“I’m not a brat,” Maroney said. “There were people who really hurt my feelings, people who were saying things that just weren’t true.”

But soon the picture took on a life of itself, transforming into the “McKayla Maroney is not impressed … ” meme that was turned into countless other pictures. McKayla Maroney not impressed on the surface of Mars. McKayla Maroney not impressed in various historical settings.

The young gymnast has turned her trademark scowl into countless appearances as well. She displayed the not impressed face on trips to the Late Show with David Letterman and the set of How I Met Your Mother.

But McKayla Maroney had her biggest not impressed moment a few weeks ago, The Associated Press noted. She and the rest of the women’s gymnastics team traveled to the White House, and Maroney got a chance to do the not impressed face with President Obama.

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7 Responses to “McKayla Maroney Not Impressed Moment Becomes A Positive For Gymnast”

  1. Mike Lawson

    This is such a non-issue in so many ways: first off she's only 17 and still has plenty of growing up to do; second, has it not occurred to anyone that she may've been disappointed in herself when she made that face? Time to move on.

  2. John Priest

    At least she has the sense of humor to take it and do something from that mistake…

  3. Dave Daniels

    This bullshit is ONLY news in cock gobbling, TMZ cuckolded America. Who give a flying fuck about this fucking CUNT and her "Expression"? Unless shes making a porno movie, go away already.

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