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‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Hattie Joins An Unlikely Ally In Salem, Ron Carlivati’s Scripts Begin

DOOL fans have seen Hattie come and go in Salem over the years. Deidre Hall takes on the role and brings the rough-around-the-edges character to life. When Hattie is around, there are sure to be laughs and a bit of chaos. What is she up to with her return?

The following contains DOOL spoilers. If you want to be surprised when the show airs, stop reading now.

Ron Carlivati is all set with his new scripts. According to his tweets, July 19 is the day he begins to pump fresh blood into the heart of Days of Our Lives. The new head writer had said he wanted to bring humor and fun back to the show, and it looks like he meant it. Around the time Carlivati’s scripts start, Hattie will arrive in Salem.

Anjelica’s return to Salem wasn’t a pleasant one. She is there to take vengeance on Adrienne, and eventually Justin. Adrienne and Jennifer are working hard not to lose the Spectator to Anjelica, who has managed to take ownership of the loan they have on the newspaper. Steve and Kayla are helping by searching for information. That venture leaves the couple trapped in Anjelica’s hotel room when they decided to break in to see what they could find. Anjelica’s return forced them to hide, but they were able to listen to her phone conversations. Quickly they realized there is more to the story and twists would still be coming.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, one of those twists will arrive around the same time as Ron Carlivati’s scripts. Hattie returns to Salem, and it becomes apparent that she is playing a role in Anjelica’s sordid plan. She has been behind the scenes pulling some strings and is now ready to stand side-by-side with the DOOL vixen to help her execute her plan.

The last time Hattie was on the set of DOOL, she was in Statesville with Hope. Fans of the show know that Hattie means humor. She has no filter and says what she thinks. That is part of the fun of her character, being so opposite of Marlena, who is also played by Deidre Hall.

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DOOL fans, prepare yourself for Hattie. Ron Carlivati had tweeted “#whathappenedtomarlena.” That is what a lot of folks in Salem may be asking as Hattie begins to move about Salem and run into people who mistake her for the doctor.

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Are you surprised that Hattie is participating in Anjelica’s schemes to hurt Adrienne? Are you looking forward to what is to come on DOOL now that Ron Carlivati’s scripts are coming your way? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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