Christmas Abbott Is Still On 'BB19'

‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Christmas Abbott Surgery Update, Jessica Graf Reacts Negatively And Cody Walks Out

Big Brother 19 spoilers from Monday night (July 10) included a house meeting for an announcement concerning the health of Christmas Abbott. By now, all fans of the show already know that Christmas injured her foot pretty badly, but she got some bad news that could possibly end her stay in the BB19 house. As a report by Joker’s Updates confirms, the CBS live feeds went down for a bit while this news was revealed to the houseguests. When the feeds came back on, most of them could be seen hugging Christmas.

These latest Big Brother 19 spoilers do lack some key information about the surgery itself, as parts of the announcement were done with the feeds turned off, possibly to give producers additional footage for Wednesday (July 12). It’s even possible that she decides to tough it out and continue playing the game. What she did tell Raven Walton, after returning from a Diary Room session, was that her surgery could be as long as six hours. It could take place this week, with Christmas then returning to the BB19 house to begin resting and healing after the foot surgery.

It seems that if everything goes smoothly with the surgery, that Christmas Abbott will be allowed to remain in the BB19 house for as long as she can last in this game. Christmas will be at a huge disadvantage due to her having to sit out of the physical competitions, but with so many friends in the house still, it may be a while before she gets nominated again. One person who isn’t friends with her is Jessica Graf, but it was Cody Nickson who walked out on the announcement as Christmas was making it.

There was also an intense conversation between Christmas Abbott and Jessica Graf that took place late Monday that is an important piece of these Big Brother 19 spoilers. CBS viewers and live feed subscribers are already well-aware that there is an adversarial relationship between the two ladies, and it hasn’t improved over the last week. Jessica is still verbally attacking Christmas and trying to play innocent about the plan to get her out of the BB19 house.

Christmas mentioned that when she got hurt and had to leave the house, Jessica didn’t even come down from the HOH room upon her return to the game. To Christmas, this was Jessica showing that she simply didn’t care, but Jessica responded that she was just playing the game and not trying to be mean. It will be very interesting to see how that conversation is portrayed in the next few episodes on CBS. At the end of the conversation, they did agree to bury the hatchet, but how long will it last?

There is a lot of chatter on social media about the upcoming surgery for Christmas Abbott and whether or not it is fair that she gets to keep leaving the BB19 house. There are additional conspiracy theories from fans who feel that production is going to help her out in the game. At the same time, there are many fans who are giving her supportive messages, feeling that she is proving her toughness by trying to play through the pain. That pain could get pretty intense later in the week as she starts into her recovery after the surgery.

For fans of the show who want to know how the Veto Ceremony turned out on Monday (July 11), there is another report here on the Inquisitr that covers the details. That brings an end to the current Big Brother 19 spoilers in the house, but more excitement could be coming as the next Eviction Ceremony gets even closer.

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