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‘Big Brother 19’: Should The Den Of Temptation Bring Both Reward And Punishment To The Recipient?

Big Brother 19 is off to a dramatic start to the three-month long game. Along with casting some questionable players, production has introduced the Den of Temptation to the game. But if there is going to be a reward and consequence added, shouldn’t it be handled a bit more fairly? Let’s take a look at how it started and what it has already become.

The first temptation was extended to all of the houseguests on night one in the Big Brother house. The houseguests were given buzzers and offered $25,000 to be the first to push the button. They were told that with each temptation taken, a curse would be unleashed. Kevin was the first to buzz in, which unleashed Paul into the game. That was only the first part of the curse, however. One of the original houseguests would be evicted so that the number of residents remained at 16. Kevin was just as much at risk of eviction as everyone else when Paul handed out Friendship Bracelets to save eight Big Brother houseguests, leaving the remaining eight to compete. In the end, it was Cameron Heard that was sent packing to make room for Paul.

The next temptation was offered in the Den of Temptation. America selected Paul to be offered the temptation of the Pendant of Protection. While he received safety from eviction for three weeks, someone else took the curse. He randomly selected a number and Ramses was the unlucky Big Brother houseguest forced to self-nominate to face eviction for Paul’s acceptance of a temptation. Shouldn’t Paul have had to face a consequence in order to accept a benefit in the game?

The next trip into the Big Brother 19 Den of Temptation, America had voted for Christmas to be tempted. She happily accepted the Ring of Replacement, giving her the power to replace a Power of Veto player at any point in the game. Christmas can hold the reward until she really feels she needs it, remove a player from the competition taking away their chance to fight to save themselves, and play herself. She had to name three of her housemates to take the punishment of wearing the V-Toad outfits for the week. Again, she in no way was in jeopardy from having accepted the temptation.

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According to Buddy TV, Cody’s HOH during week one would have probably gone a lot smoother if the Den of Temptation had not been introduced into the game. While it wouldn’t have stopped Megan from self-evicting, it would have had Paul facing eviction way too soon for a lot of Big Brother superfans if he had not been giving the Pendant of Protection.

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Do you feel the consequence of the curse should be given to the one accepting the reward? Is Big Brother being unfair to have the tempted houseguest pass a curse onto another houseguest? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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