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Angelina Jolie Open-Minded For Children’s Future: Describes Them As Being Her Best Achievement

Angelina Jolie says that her six children are her proudest achievement, a source revealed, adding that she fully supports them in whatever they plan on doing in their careers.

With Maddox and Shiloh already seeing an interest in filmmaking, Angelina Jolie has reportedly told family and friends that she’s beyond proud of her children for already thinking about what they want to do once they start working.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that every one of Angelina Jolie’s kids is different — she stresses that even if she was to be told that a child of hers wants to be a waiter, her support is fully behind them.

The insider explained that Angelina Jolie is completely open-minded when it comes to raising her children; she’s a tolerant mother. but certainly also has rules that her kids need to follow.

So long as they behave themselves and continue to be goodhearted people, nothing will stand in the way of them achieving their dreams or their goals, regardless of whether that’s working in the film industry or having another job.

It’s further stressed that being around her children every single day has tremendously helped the actress overcome her split from Brad Pitt.

Following the divorce filing back in September, Angelina Jolie has heavily relied on her kids for support, and from what sources tell Hollywood Life, she hasn’t found an interest to do anything else but to be surrounded by her children.

She bonds with them better than she does with some of her friends, which Angelina Jolie reportedly thinks is because she doesn’t restrict her kids from thinking outside of the box and doing things that other parents perhaps would be more stern about.

As previously mentioned, Maddox, who sources say has now become the man of the house, has already shown a huge interest in filmmaking, with one insider adding that it wouldn’t be surprising to see the teenager working on his first feature film in the next couple of years.

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Angelina Jolie has taught her children a lot of compassion, respect, and diversity. She thinks that at this given point, her kids know that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to, and it all comes back to her parenting skills in which she greatly credits herself for.

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