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Wendy Williams Slams ‘Useless’ Kardashian Sisters: Blames Them For Rob & Chyna Feud

Wendy Williams has made it known that the person who should be to blame for the drama between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna is none other than his sisters.

The talk-show host made the claims earlier today, according to Hollywood Life, stressing that she was absolutely baffled that Rob’s sisters couldn’t have made their brother see sense when it came to dating Chyna.

Wendy Williams told the studio audience that it is absolutely puzzling to think that out of all the siblings Rob has, not one of them could help him out of the situation that had put himself in with Blac.

Of course, when referring to situations, Wendy Williams is talking about the constant feuds and arguments the couple had found themselves in throughout their one-year relationship together.

Wendy argues that the Kardashians seemed well aware that Chyna had ill intentions at hand, and that having a baby with the 30-year-old would mean she would see herself getting a nice paycheck for the child support she would be receiving.

Wendy Williams goes on to stress that she doesn’t feel bad for Rob Kardashian in the slightest. She says that the USC graduate is mature enough to see that the woman he was going to marry didn’t love him the way he thought she did.

Furthermore, the fact that his sisters couldn’t intervene should be questioned.

If the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner already knew that Rob being with Chyna was bad news, Wendy Williams believes that they could have done more than just talking to him about ending the romance.

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Obviously, now that a restraining order has been put into place, and with the news that Blac Chyna could also be filing a hefty lawsuit against Rob for what is being considered cyber bullying and revenge porn, Kardashian could end up paying hundreds of thousands in damages.

Wendy Williams concluded by saying that she doesn’t understand the point of Rob surrounding himself with his sisters who have clearly shown him that they are next to useless when it comes to supporting their brother and making him see sense.

She congratulated Blac and her mother, Tokyo Toni, for playing their cards right.

Are you siding with Wendy Williams on this one?

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