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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Veto Ceremony Shifts Nominees For Eviction, Cody Nickson Threatens Josh Martinez?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from Monday (July 10) reveal that the Power of Veto has been used. The Week 2 Veto Ceremony took place in the BB19 house, shifting the nominations ahead of the Thursday night (July 13) eviction. As confirmed by fan site Joker’s Updates, Veto winner Paul Abrahamian has decided to use his power.

This might be the least surprising installment of Big Brother 19 spoilers this summer. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paul has had a plan for about a week, with the end result being that Cody Nickson was going to go home. Paul worked with Alex Ow and Josh Martinez to use them as pawns, and that is exactly how it worked out for the trio. Paul won the Power of Veto and then used it to save Josh at the Veto Ceremony on Monday.

With Josh Martinez coming off the block, Paul Abrahamian had to announce a replacement nominee. He went with Cody Nickson, who is now on the block next to Alex Ow and Ramses Soto when the next Eviction Ceremony takes place. There aren’t any temptations or curses that are going to save Cody now, so when the “live” eviction episode takes place, it will be quickly followed by Big Brother 19 spoilers stating that Cody is out of the game.

Everyone knew that Cody Nickson wasn’t going to leave the BB19 house quietly, and it appears that he has threatened Josh Martinez. It seems Cody was pushed over the edge by getting nominated to replace Josh and told him on the CBS live feeds that he was going to call Josh a “sexual predator” outside of the house. Anyone who watched the Sunday night episode (July 10) on CBS saw that Cody and Jessica Graf have been going after Josh with verbal attacks for a while now. That continued on Monday.

Josh Martinez talked with Matthew Clines about the threat that Cody Nickson issued, gaining instant support from Matt in the process. Matt went to talk to Jessica about it, but they weren’t wearing microphones, making it impossible to figure out exactly what they were saying on the live feeds. It doesn’t seem like this is a situation that is going to cool down in the next few hours.

In addition to the Veto Ceremony, this latest batch of Big Brother 19 spoilers is certainly going to give CBS a lot of footage to use during the next two episodes of the show.

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