bill cosby lawyer quit unexpectedly before mistrial

Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Quit— Won’t Risk Reputation For Uncooperative Client’s Mistrial

Bill Cosby’s lawyer quit unexpectedly. The attorney reportedly refuses to risk his “stellar” reputation for an uncooperative client’s mistrial.

Lawyer quits with no warning

Billy Cosby is currently awaiting a retrial with his sexual assault case. Radar Online reported that the disgraced comedian is desperately searching for a new attorney after his lawyer, Brian McMonagle, quit on him suddenly last week.

Insiders claimed that Cosby was “livid” after his lawyer announced his resignation. The source alleged that Brian “cares” about the Cosby case, but is “not going to continue” putting his “stellar reputation on the line” if his client is providing “no cooperation.”

Bill Cosby allegedly even demanded that his close friends and family “shut up” when it came to talking to the press about him or his case.

The source told reporters that a “crazed” Cosby has already been in contact with Michael Jackson’s former attorney, Tom Mesereau, as well as Robert Shapiro, who formerly represented O.J. Simpson, and Lindsay Lohan’s previous lawyer, Shawn Chapman-Holley.

None of the famed lawyers have accepted his offer, despite the fact that Cosby paid his previous attorney, McMonagle, a hefty $1,200-$1,500 an hour.

Brian McMonagle was previously named Philadelphia’s Best Criminal Lawyer back in 2015.

“Fed up” with Cosby and his “team”

The attorney guided Bill Cosby to an unexpected mistrial following his sexual assault trial. Insiders claimed that McMonagle was “fed up” with the “team chaos” surrounding the comedian.

bill cosby lawyer quit unexpectedly before mistrial
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The sourced added that he had to “chastise Cosby’s publicist, Andrew Wyatt” in front of reporters because he would “hold press conferences” while the trial jury was deliberating and give “mixed messages.”

Another source told reporters that Wyatt had been “controlling” Bill Cosby’s case entirely and fired his last lawyer, Monica Pressley, “without the team’s permission.”

bill cosby lawyer quit unexpectedly before mistrial
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Andrew Wyatt accused Judge Steven O’Neill of working with the prosecutors to convict Cosby.

Brian McMonagle was furious at the publicist’s “rash behavior” in court and reportedly asked Cosby to keep Wyatt out of the way during his retrial.

Cosby and Wyatt refused to play by his rules and it was the “chaos” and “disrespect” that led to his resigning.

Bill Cosby’s sexual assault retrial is set to begin on November 6, 2017.

Cosby, 79, faces charges for allegedly drugging and assaulting Temple University employee Andrea Constand at his mansion in Elkins Park, Pennslyvania in 2004.

bill cosby lawyer quit unexpectedly before mistrial
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