Jinger Duggar Is Wearing Shorts In New Photos

Jinger Duggar Wears Shorts With Jeremy Vuolo After Fans Complain About Her Dark Pants

Jinger Duggar can wear shorts if she wants to, as Jeremy Vuolo recently proved.

Jinger Duggar’s recent style decisions have some fans celebrating. The Counting On star has started wearing pants in public regularly, but the increased frequency of Jinger rocking slacks and jeans hasn’t stopped longtime fans of her conservative Christian family from commenting on her favorite new wardrobe items. Luckily for Jinger, the response is mostly positive when she or her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, share new social media snapshots of her pants. Because Jinger’s pants are still such a big deal, it should come as no surprise that Jeremy had fans completely freaking out over two recent photos of his wife rocking a pair of shorts.

Jeremy Vuolo shared the images a few days after he had fans begging him to “allow” Jinger Duggar to wear shorts. As CafeMom reported, the pastor had posted an Instagram photo of his wife wearing a pair of dark skinny jeans. The photo was taken outdoors at a flea market in Laredo, Texas, and Jeremy revealed that he and his wife were there on a very hot day.

“If it’s so hot let the poor girl wear a pair of shorts for goodness sake,” wrote one fan in response to the photo.

Jinger Duggar is doing just that in Jeremy’s more recent Instagram snapshots. In the slideshow below, she can be seen wearing a pair of baggy blue shorts that hit just above the knee. To view the images, swipe left or hover over the right side of the video with your mouse and click the arrow that pops up.

Fans were thrilled to see Jinger dressed more comfortably for temperatures in the high 90s.

“I’m so glad she is wearing shorts and pants!! You don’t have to wear skirts/dresses to be modest!! (Not hating on the other Duggar girls who do tho they are all pretty!!),” wrote one of Jeremy’s Instagram followers.


As In Touch Weekly noted, Jinger has actually been photographed wearing shorts before. The first shorts sighting occurred in March, and many fans likely assumed that they were a one-time thing after months went by without the Counting On star being spotted wearing shorts again. Jinger does still seem to prefer pants; she also wore a pair of black jeans when she and Jeremy visited an outdoor shooting range do to a little target practice under the hot Texas sun.

"Ready! Aim! Fire!"

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar discouraged their daughters from wearing pants and shorts when they were growing up, and the Duggar girls didn’t break their parents’ dress code while they were still living at home. However, once they get married, their husbands get to write the fashion rules. According to the International Business Times, Michelle Duggar has claimed that she’s okay with her daughters doing things differently after they leave the nest.

As Jeremy notes in his recent Instagram post, Jinger Duggar dusted off her shorts to accompany him on trip to Toyota Field in San Antonio, Texas. According to People, Jeremy played soccer there in 2013 and 2014 as a member of the San Antonio Scorpions.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Facebook]