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CM Punk’s Return To WWE Could Be Closer Than People Think And It Is All Due To Mauro Ranallo

Ever since he left WWE with a broken bridge behind him, many fans have wondered if CM Punk would ever return to the wrestling ring and now, it doesn’t seem as out of the question. Due to Punk’s rather poor showing in his first UFC fight and the fact that he has yet to step into the octagon again, there is the possibility that he could return to WWE and it all has to do with the return of announcer Mauro Ranallo.

In 2014, Punk parted ways with WWE, and everyone simply assumed that the relationship was severed forever. Things didn’t exactly go well near the end of his time with the company, and he hasn’t spoken very favorably of his former employer since joining UFC.

It took more than a year for CM Punk to have his first fight in UFC which was a first-round loss to Mickey Gall. The time is approaching where it will be a year since his first and only MMA fight, and some have wondered if he could end up getting back into wrestling and return to WWE.

Former SmackDown Live announcer Mauro Ranallo was as good as gone from WWE due to rumored harassment and bullying received from John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL). Now, he’s back with the company and the lead announcer on NXT, but what does that have to do with Punk?

wwe news cm punk return ufc mauro ranallo nxt
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Dave Meltzer recently reported for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Forbes, that it was Triple H who is responsible for many big returns to WWE. He played a major part in getting Mauro Ranallo to return and even fixing the relationship between the organization and legendary wrestler Bruno Sammartino.

It was reported that WWE still very much wants to have CM Punk return to the company even though it may seem like they don’t. Triple H has a great history of building those burned bridges back up and finding a way for superstars to return to the company even though it seemed as if it would never happen again.

Look at Kurt Angle, Ultimate Warrior, and Bret “Hit Man” Hart as some other great examples.

CM Punk has said that he is determined to keep moving forward with his UFC career and he likely will have another match in the octagon. The only problem is that if he loses badly once again, it may be too much to overcome for him to be successful in the world of MMA.

wwe news cm punk return ufc mauro ranallo nxt
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The way things seemed to go down with Mauro Ranallo and WWE, it seemed as if the company was going to lose one of the best announcers it has ever had. Somehow, some way, things were fixed, and there was an agreement put in place that allowed for his return and NXT is even better because of it.

Now, could the same thing happen with CM Punk? As PW Mania reported, CM Punk recently made an appearance with numerous other wrestlers at a pop culture convention in Long Island, and that proves that he isn’t done with that part of his life.

CM Punk has taken shots at WWE while the company has also taken its fair share of shots at the former champion as well. Still, if Bret Hart, Bruno Sammartino, and many others could mend the fences and return to WWE in some form or another, the same could be said about Punk. The biggest thing right now is that Mauro Ranallo returned to the company and took over announcing in NXT and seeing that happen gives hope that the Straight-Edge Superstar may be back one day.

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