Juan Dixon On 'RHOP' Reunion: Robyn Dixon's Ex-Husband, Former NBA Player, Says Divorce Wasn't All His Fault

Juan Dixon On ‘RHOP’ Reunion: Robyn Dixon’s Ex-Husband, Former NBA Player, Says Divorce Wasn’t All His Fault

The heated first part of the reunion special of The Real Housewives of Potomac on Bravo featured plenty of accusations flying between the participants on the stage. Karen Huger was accused of having a side-piece boyfriend nicknamed “Blue Eyes,” as reported by the Inquisitr and as seen in videos from the reality TV show. Now, a video (below) from The Real Housewives of Potomac shows Juan Dixon and Robyn Dixon speaking about their failed marriage, and it is also getting attention.

“I’m not going to let you paint the picture that it was all on Juan Dixon.”

Andy Cohen told Juan that most Real Housewives of Potomac viewers had the impression that Robyn was way more into Juan than Juan was into Robyn. For nearly the entire season, Robyn found herself defending the fact that she still lived with her ex-husband and still had sex with Juan, even though rumors around town stated that Juan was dating other people. Cohen tried to get to the bottom of whether Juan really wanted to be involved in a passionate relationship with Robyn and asked Juan if he wasn’t hiding behind excuses.

Robyn kept defending Juan, saying people were getting the wrong idea about him and that even though Juan was caught on a hot microphone telling producers that the only reason he is still there is for the kids, Robyn only spoke about Juan’s harsh tone.

Juan Dixon Said Cheating Was Wrong

In the above video, Juan admitted that cheating on Robyn during their marriage was the wrong move to make.

However, Juan said he wasn’t going to take the full blame for the demise of their marriage. Dixon stated that there were two people in the marriage and that he shouldn’t, in essence, be viewed as the fall guy for everything that went wrong.

Meanwhile, Robyn was also caught on a hot microphone threatening to beat up Ashley Darby, a woman who has been trying to convince Robyn to require more of Juan.

On Robyn’s Instagram account, she is getting plenty of feedback from those providing her plenty of advice.

Meanwhile, Gizelle Bryant said in the above video that she doesn’t think Robyn will ever leave Juan and that they are committed to one another.

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