Jessa Duggar's Son, Spurgeon, Plays With Josh And Anna Duggar's Daughter, Meredith, In an Instagram Video

Jessa Duggar Shares Sweet Video Of Her Son, Spurgeon, And Josh Duggar’s Daughter, Meredith

Jessa Duggar’s oldest son loves one of his older cousins so much that he wants to be just like her.

Jessa Duggar might have her hands full with her two sons, but she’s still willing to help Josh and Anna Duggar out by keeping an eye on their kids. The Counting On star recently spent some time at her parent’s house in Tontitown, Arkansas, where she hung out on the couch with her 1-year-old son, Spurgeon Elliott Seewald, and Josh and Anna’s 1-year-old daughter, Meredith Grace Duggar. She kept the little ones entertained by giving them cheese crackers, and she filmed the cousins playing while they nibbled on the treats.

Jessa Duggar shared her video of the tots’ interaction on her Instagram page, and she can be heard laughing when she realizes that Spurgeon is mimicking everything Meredith does. Every time Meredith flops back on the couch and sits up, Spurgeon follows suit. The little boy seems to think that this is a really fun game; he keeps smiling and giggling while he copies his cousin’s movements.

“Spurgie, you’re copying her, aren’t you? You’re doing everything that Meredith does,” Jessa Duggar says to her son. “Curly-haired cousins.”

According to the mother of two, Spurgeon follows his cousin around and copies her all the time.

Spurgeon loves his cousin Meredith! He follows her around and copies everything she does. ????❤????????????????

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“That is so sweet! And so fun that they get to grow up together!” wrote one fan in response to the video.

“Jessa he is definitely your mini me. So adorable! Both of them are cutie pies,” commented another.

Many of the Duggar daughter’s Instagram followers questioned her about the age difference between Meredith and Spurgeon. Josh and Anna’s daughter is older by about four months; she was born on July 16, 2015, and Spurgeon’s birth date is November 5, 2015.

Someday Spurgeon might be the one being tailed by a copycat. His little brother is too small to be a playmate right now, but Henry Wilberforce Seewald could be toddling around in the next few months. Once he’s old enough to play with Spurgeon, he’ll have to work hard to win over his jealous older brother. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald welcomed their second child back in February, and Jessa says that it’s been a struggle for Spurgeon to adjust to sharing his mom with a little brother who needs constant attention.

As People reports, Jessa and Ben’s only concern about raising two small children isn’t a potential sibling rivalry; they’re also dealing with a lot more dirty diapers. Learning how to multitask has also been a must, and Jessa Duggar is learning to take full advantage of the few moments of peace she gets during her sometimes-chaotic days. The busy mom says that she only gets an hour or two to herself every day during nap time, and she uses it to do a little reading or “get some other jobs done that are harder to do while they’re awake.”

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are also spending what little free time they have to look for a bigger house because they don’t plan on stopping at just two kids. During a recent episode of Counting On, Jessa said that she could see herself having a family the size of Josh and Anna’s someday. She also saw firsthand just how difficult it could be to keep an eye on four kids when Anna Duggar’s 4-year-old Marcus fell and busted his head open during a shopping trip. The International Business Times reports that Anna and Josh will welcome their fifth child sometime this fall, so Jessa Duggar’s babysitting services may be in higher demand soon.

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