'Big Brother 19' 'Jody' Showmance Fake, Jillian Parker Weighs In

‘Big Brother 19’ ‘Jody’ Showmance Fake, Jillian Parker Weighs In

Big Brother 19 has already had some serious drama only two weeks into the game. Right off the bat, three showmances were formed. “Jody” (Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson), “Maven” (Matt Clines and Raven Walton), and “Marlena” (Mark Jansen and Elena Davies) all hooked up within days of being in the Big Brother house. They attempted to form a super alliance, but that all failed week one when Cody attempted to blindside Paul Abrahamian and nominate him for eviction. Because Paul had the Power of Protection, the HOH’s (Head of Household) plan was thwarted, and the alliance fell apart.

Last week, Jillian Parker was blindsided by her eviction from Big Brother 19. She assumed Christmas Abbott would be sent packing, but that was not the case. To say Parker is jaded would be an understatement. According to Us Weekly, Jillian Parker is calling the Big Brother 19 showmance between “Jody” a sham. She went on to say Jessica is all about becoming famous and Cody is serious. Parker predicts the two will end things before the summer show is over. At this point, Jessica Graf may be in the Big Brother house alone if the vote on Thursday night goes the way it should.

Cody Nickson has already come under fire for comments he made in the Big Brother house about the Ferguson riots. He is a loose cannon, and if he is leaving this week, things in the house may just blow up.

Jillian Parker is now reportedly still locked away as there is a chance for a “Battle Back” for another shot at Big Brother 19. While she definitely had the most to say about “Jody,” she had also weighed in on the other showmances. Parker feels like “Maven” is also a sham, but didn’t have much to say other than Raven was mean to her when she spoke to Matt. “Marlena” may the real deal, according to Jillian because she feels like Mark actually likes Elena.

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With tensions rising in the Big Brother house, anything can happen. Jillian Parker weighed in with her opinions on this season’s showmances and time will tell about the validity of her predictions. If Cody Nickson is evicted, Jessica Graf will be forced to save herself.

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