Man bitten by shark on both legs while scrambling into shore after shark warning

Shark Bites Man In Both Legs As Lifeguards Wave Folks Into Shore At Florida Beach

It was too late for one man to heed the screams warning “shark” that were coming from the Florida beach as other’s in the water raced for the dry sand of the shoreline. The shark had been spotted, but in all the commotion, one man trying to flee the water was bitten by the shark in both his legs and rushed to the hospital.

One of the lifeguards at the beach appeared on Fox News live Monday morning to say that in the 20 years he’s worked at the beach, there’s never been a shark attack there. This South Florida beach shark attack happened while the man was wading through the water at the north end of Haulover Beach, which is just 9 miles north of Miami Beach, Florida.

According to CBS News, the shark attack victim noticed the lifeguards trying to get his attention from the shore. The man was just coming off the sandbar, and when he saw the commotion and realized they wanted him to come into shore, he walked off the sandbar and waded through a “little deep water” when the shark struck and attacked both the man’s legs. It was just at that moment when he made his way through this short dip between sandbars that the shark came in for the attack.

The lifeguards spotted the shark lurking in the water near where people were swimming, and they immediately called the alarm of “shark” and told everyone to get out of the water. The man attacked by the shark was able to make it out of the water on his own accord. He was given first aid by the lifeguards until the paramedics arrived and rushed him to the hospital.

The shark was a bull shark, and it was about 4 to 5 feet in length. Officials are advising beachgoers to swim in the areas that are watched by lifeguards. They also recommend keeping an eye out for warnings that may beckon them into shore if a shark is spotted by the lifeguards.

According to USA Today, the man who was bitten in both his lower extremities has been hospitalized due to this shark attack, but he did not appear to have life-threatening injuries, reports Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokesperson, Erika Benitez.

The Sun Sentinel said that the victim of the shark attack was not identified. He remained conscious and alert as the paramedics worked to stabilize his condition on the beach and while being transported to the hospital. He was taken to Aventura Hospital, Benitez said.

[Featured Image by Henry and Laura Whittaker/Shutterstock]