Zach Roloff posted a cute photo on Instagram.

‘LPBW’ Star Zach Roloff Shows Off Jackson’s Future Best Friend At Trade Show, Sells Dad’s Products

Little People, Big World star Zach Roloff posted an adorable photo on Instagram Sunday, and this time it wasn’t his son Jackson — whose Instagram popularity has eclipsed his parents’ — but the son of a friend of the family. What’s more, Zach has already picked out the family friend to be Jackson’s BFF years from now.

Even though Zach makes mad bank from his popular TLC show, he still apparently has a job in his dad’s business – at least, from time to time. Matt Roloff, as you may or may not know, runs Direct Access Solutions, a company that produces accessibility products for people with dwarfism. Specifically, his products are designed to help people with dwarfism as they encounter obstacles while traveling, such as in hotel rooms or on planes.

On Sunday, as Zach explains in the Instagram post embedded below, he was in Denver for the LPA (Little People of America) convention, manning the Roloff Stools booth with another man, identified as “Ronnie,” and who also appears to have dwarfism. Also in the photo was a young boy, Lincoln, who may or may not have dwarfism, and is maybe, probably Ronnie’s son (although Zach doesn’t say so specifically).

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As Zach explains in his caption, Lincoln, even though he’s exactly a year older than Jackson (they were born on the same date, just a year apart), they’re going to be best friends when they’re older. Dad has already decided.

“I’ve already decided they will be best friends at LPA in the future ;)”

Jackson Kyle Roloff is not even six months old, and already his parents are picking out his future social circle! As the Inquisitr reported on Saturday, the Roloffs were at friends Dan and Erica’s gender reveal party, and when it was revealed that the family friends are having a girl, the proud parents decided that the unnamed girl will be Jackson’s future wife!

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Of course, they’re (probably) just joking; unlike some other TLC shows, which showcase people who practice rather unusual marriage customs, the Roloffs aren’t known for practicing arranged marriage.

Also, it appears that Zach Roloff has put his medical issues behind him. A few months ago, he was complaining of severe headaches and other symptoms, as his family begged him to see his doctor. If he’s fit to fly in airplanes and to go to work, then it’s a good indication that he’s on the mend.

The next season of Little People, Big World is rumored to be returning to TLC in September.

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