TSA signs in airport are asking you to take your fudge out of your bags

TSA Wants To See Your Fudge: Bizarre Airport Sign Leaves Passengers Perplexed

Why would the TSA agents want to examine your fudge before getting on a flight at an airport? That is a question that left travelers scratching their heads over the weekend when a sign requested that passengers remove their fudge from their bags.

Airline passengers are allowed to have candy and sweets in their carry-on luggage, so when a county airport in Michigan posted the sign that said “Please Remove Fudge From Your Bags,” it was a bit confusing for folks. Why only the fudge?

The airport that posted the sign offers access to Mackinac Island, a place famous for their fudge. With at least 12 fudge shops on the island, vacationers often leave with fudge in their luggage for either a treat on the way home or as a gift. There’s even a fudge festival on the island every August, reports WPIX News.

According to Tami Beseau, who is the airport manager at the Chippewa County International Airport, the sign is due to a Transportation Safety Administration policy, it is not a policy that the airport has enforced on their own. The consistency of fudge makes it very easy to conceal something that isn’t allowed on a flight inside the fudge.

Beseau said that the fudge has a soft, dense consistency, and someone could slip contraband inside the candy. This is what the TSA is looking for by having the passengers present their fudge. The TSA may not have this fudge rule all over the nation, but in airports located in areas known for their fudge, those airports may want to check all fudge coming through with passengers.

MLive also reports that the dense fudge candy might possibly be used as a vessel to conceal contraband, but people commenting on their article took the TSA examination of the fudge a bit further. They suggest that fudge has the consistency of some of the soft explosives today, like the C-4 explosives.

While this very well may be another reason why these fudge checks have become mandatory in areas where the candy is made, it is not a reason mentioned by the TSA. While it is understandable why the TSA wants to examine your packages of fudge, the sign is still catching passengers off guard. Not too many realize why the TSA wants to see their fudge after glancing at the sign for the first time.

[Featured Image by Brent Hofacke/Shutterstock]