Brock Lesnar won at Great Balls of Fire

‘WWE Great Balls Of Fire’ Results, Recaps, And Spoilers

WWE’s Great Balls of Fire PPV event drew some derision when it was announced — the weird timing, the strange name, doubts over whether wrestling needed another PPV event in the already-crowded field. But, says Bleacher Report, Sunday’s event was so well-received and featured such high-quality matches that it may yet become a part of WWE’s pay-per-view lineup.

Here now are spoilers, recaps, and analysis of Sunday’s card. And if you haven’t already picked up on it from the title, the remainder of this article will contain open spoilers.

Brock Lesnar Defeats Samoa Joe With An F5

In what was, beyond question, the biggest match of the night, Brock Lesnar took on Samoa Joe.

At first, according to USA Today, Joe looked he was going to make the match his own. He jumped Brock even before the opening bell, threw him through the announcers’ table, and was able to get him in a hold. At one point, Lesnar’s face was turning different shades, and it looked like he was going to pass out.

However, Brock got the upper hand and, in the end, finished off Joe with his patented move, the F5.

Bleacher Report writer Kevin Wong thought this ending was rather weak.

“It wasn’t narratively sensical to have Brock hit an F5 in that context, and Samoa Joe would not get flattened by a single finisher… Samoa Joe was beaten too easily.”

Braun Strowman Defeats Roman Reigns In Ambulance Match

For the fifth time in WWE history, an ambulance was the focal point of a fight. This time, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns fought it out, both men knowing that one of them would wind up in the ambulance — as a passenger, not a visitor — before all was said and done.

The match began and progressed as fans would expect, the two men trading moves and hits on each other as they made their way towards the ambulance. Along the way, Reigns threw Strowman through a video wall, Strowman threw Reigns in the general direction of the ambulance, narrowly missing it, and Reigns beaned Strowman with a light.

Reigns tried to body-slam Strowman into the ambulance, but Strowman dodged the attack and Reigns went headfirst into the vehicle, losing the match. However, a few moments later, Reigns emerged and speared Strowman, eventually shoving him inside. He then backed the vehicle into the back of a production semi and walked away, while paramedics extricated Strowman with the Jaws of Life.

Once Strowman emerged, he refused help and walked away on his own.

USA Today wrestling writer Josh Barnett thinks this event will be part of a continuing storyline in the WWE franchise.

“[Reigns] he might face [repercussions] from RAW general manager Kurt Angle. Figure that to be a central theme of RAW on Monday night.”

The Miz Defeats Dean Ambrose In Intercontinental Championship

Kevin Wong believes that Ambrose has been “phoning it in” lately and didn’t expect much from the four-against-one matchup of Ambrose against the Miztourage. He lost, of course, but Wong says he battled with an intensity not generally seen from the B-Lister.

Sasha Banks Defeats Alexa Bliss By Countout In RAW Women’s Championship

Not much unlike the Reigns-Strowman match, the Banks-Bliss match included wrestlers being thrown into audio and video equipment and the announcers’ table. Wong and Barnett both agreed that the match was well-choreographed and well-executed, and the two will meet again.

Cesaro and Sheamus Defeat The Hardy Boyz

In a 30-minute Ironman Match, Cesaro and Sheamus held out against the Boyz to win 4-3.

Big Cass Defeats Enzo Amore

The former partners battled it out in a one-sided victory for Cass, who dominated the match from the opening bell.

Bray Wyatt Defeats Seth Rollins

In what Wong describes as little more than an appetizer for a “rematch” at SummerSlam, Wyatt poked Rollins in the eye and dominated the match from there on out.

“Clearly, this feud will continue. And hopefully, Wyatt will get the chance to rack up a few more wins, because Rollins’ reputation is durable enough to handle a few more losses.”

The Takeaway

If anyone had any doubts going into Great Balls of Fire, those doubts were quickly put to rest by the quality of the matches. What’s more, the PPV event set up new storylines to be watched in upcoming events in the WWE franchises.

Expect Great Balls of Fire to become a regular summer event.

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