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Did ‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Hold Custody Agreement Over Kathryn To Control Reunion Outcome?

The countdown is on for the Southern Charm reunion, but some fans are wondering if Thomas Ravenel used the then-pending custody agreement between himself and Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis to gag her during the reunion to control her comments. On the previews, fans can hear Thomas Ravenel warning Kathryn as she responds to a question that he can drag her back to court.While other Southern Charm cast members were free to share their opinions and say whatever they wanted with no real repercussions, was Kathryn playing for the higher stakes of losing access to her kids Kensie and Saint?

Southern Charm fan favorite Kathryn seems to be sparring with other cast members including Landon with one arm tied behind her back. Landon in the past had been the Southern Charm cast member that fans loved to bash, but other cast members seemed to love her, but that seems to have changed because now Shep and Craig have spoken out in the press to say that Landon brings the hate on herself. Shep claims that on Southern Charm, Landon has become an expert at shooting herself in the foot.

“She shoots herself in the foot like I’ve never seen, but we have people on this show who I think all shoot ourselves in the feet.”

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis appeared on WWHL with Willie Geist, and at the top of the half hour, host Andy Cohen read a statement that said that Kathryn had a list of things she could not talk about, a gag order, and almost all surrounded Thomas Ravenel and their ongoing custody battle. Her appearance on WWHL was just after filming wrapped on the Southern Charm reunion, and so the gag order was in place for the reunion, and it prevented her from answering a variety of questions thoroughly. In past Southern Charm reunions, Kathryn Dennis let things rip and telling certain cast members exactly what she thought of them, but fans can imagine that Kathryn has a metaphorical choke chain around her neck and Thomas Ravenel can give her lead a tug when necessary.

Soon after the Southern Charm reunion wrapped, Thomas Ravenel was finally willing to sign the agreement which was drawn up before the filming in New York of the Southern Charm reunion. Bravo has provided sneak peeks at the Southern Charm reunion which airs tonight, and Kathryn seems anxious and often pauses before answering questions, allegedly concerned that she will say something that harms the outcome of the year-long custody battle. A preview of the second part of the Southern Charm reunion which will air next week shows Thomas Ravenel literally wagging his finger, warning Kathryn that he can and will take her back to court if she doesn’t check herself.

Moreover, while Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has been fairly quiet leading up to the Southern Charm reunion tonight (rumor is that fans will hear from her tonight on social media), enjoying her time with her children Kensie and Saint, Landon Clements has teased some of the drama on the Southern Charm reunion. She mentioned the word meditation, perhaps hinting at the process that Kathryn and Thomas have just been through. Landon says that this reunion is much more polite than last year’s Southern Charm reunion where she dared Thomas Ravenel to show viewers Kathryn’s failed drug test.

“This reunion was much better than the last one. The last one was a little scary, but this one was I think everyone’s really growing up and is articulating their thoughts and opinions and able to at least sort of sit down to the mediation table.”

However, Southern Charm fans shouldn’t think that just because the cast is more mature that there won’t be some conflict.

“There might be some things that aren’t fully finished. But, you know, that’s life.”


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Will Folks of Fitsnews reported on June 30th, just leading into the Fourth of July weekend that the custody deal that had been in place before the Southern Charm reunion, was signed by both parties with lots of legal language that seems to keep Kathryn Dennis in check, controllingKathryn if she wants the promised access to toddlers Kensie and Saint Ravenel.

Will you watch the Southern Charm reunion tonight? Do you think it’s fair that one member on the panel was under a gag order and unable to share her true feelings of Southern Charm Season 4?

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