Hot Convict's Wife Wants Divorce

Jeremy Meeks’ Wife Seeking A Divorce After The Model Was Caught Cheating

Jeremy Meeks gained his way to stardom by being the “hot convict” who’s mugshot went viral and instantly made him famous. Many women were intrigued and found Meeks’s photo drop dead gorgeous, despite his apparent convict status.

His famous mugshot eventually landed him a modeling contract while he was still incarcerated, and since he has walked the stage of some of the biggest fashion shows in recent time.

Although Meeks was able to win the hearts of many women around the world with his famous viral photo, he is a married man with a wife by the name of Melissa Meeks.

Recently, Jeremy was caught kissing Chloe Green on a yacht in Turkey last weekend. Chloe Green is the daughter of British billionaire Phillip Green, who is the chairman of Arcadia Group.

Melissa Meeks, who is a nurse and a mother of three, was completely humiliated by the photos that went viral of her husband and Chloe.

Apparently, Melissa was under the impression that her husband was supposed to be out of the country taking on a modeling gig but instead ended up being spotted with the TopShop heiress.

Melissa Meeks has decided to come out and express her views on the matter recently with the Daily Mail and also reveal her husband’s explanation for his infidelity.

“He kept saying, ‘I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve this,'” Melissa Meeks said he told her when he arrived to their Los Angeles home. We talked about divorce. I told him I didn’t think the marriage could be saved. He agreed. The marriage is over.”

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Since serving a two-year sentence for possession of an illegal firearm and being released in 2016, things have worked out well for the 33-year-old model.

After signing a modeling contract with White Cross Management while he was still behind bars, he has been a success in the modeling industry.

Jeremy Meeks caught cheating
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However, his apparent success could possibly be the driving force that has brought his marriage to ruin. Jeremy and wife Melissa are five years apart, while Chloe Green is seven years younger than Jeremy.

Jeremy has yet to speak out publicly on the matter between him and his soon-to-be ex-wife. The couple has been married for eight years and celebrated their anniversary this past January. Since then, it appears Jeremy has decided to throw their relationship away for his new fling.

Do you think that Melissa should take Jeremy back after being caught kissing Chloe Green?

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