Miley Cyrus says you hate animals if you're not a vegan

Vegan Miley Cyrus Blasts Meat Eaters, Says They Don’t Love Animals

Miley Cyrus is coming under fire for claiming that meat eaters don’t love animals while encouraging her social media followers to become vegan.

Cyrus, who has been incredibly outspoken about her lifestyle in the past, made the controversial remark on her Instagram page where she claimed that anyone who is not a vegan or a vegetarian does not love animals and only cares for pets such as dogs and cats.

Posting a photo that showed half a dog’s face and half of a cow’s face, Miley put meat eaters on blast and wrote, “If you choose to eat meat…. you love PETS not ANIMALS…..”

Cyrus, who’s currently auditioning talent for the upcoming season of The Voice, also captioned the photo with the hashtags #loveanimalsdonteatthem and #vegan.

The snap was first posted to Instagram by Moby on July 8 as the singer posted the original image to his account alongside a similarly controversial caption of his own.

“It’s just ethically baffling to love and adore some animals and then torture and kill others,” he wrote last week.

But it was Miley’s repost of the snap that caused a pretty serious stir online, dividing fans who both agreed with and strongly disputed the star’s claims that those who choose to eat meat don’t care for animals.

Miley Cyrus Claims Meat Eaters Don't Love Animals
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Fans and non-fans of the star certainly weren’t afraid to call out Cyrus in the comments section and were quick to make their opinions on her polarizing remarks pretty clear.

“I eat meat but I LOVE animals,” social media user @paulaortega_2002 hit back at Miley. “Our body need[s] vegetables and meat, we need to eat a lot of things not only vegetables and fruits.”

“I love meat AND I love animals, your argument is invalid,” @emmylove25_ added in response to Cyrus’s claims.

Instagram user @braxtonhighbaugh had a more blunt approach to calling out the singer, simply writing that The Voice coach was an “idiot” for claiming that non-vegans aren’t loving to other creatures.

But while some users made no secret of the fact that they don’t agree with Miley’s comments, others praised the star for being so outspoken about her lifestyle and encouraging others to go vegan.

Miley Cyrus says only vegans love animals, not meat eaters
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“I love so much when famous people spread the word. Don’t be selfish, go Vegan,” commented on the upload, while @simonsays1212 wrote that they thought she was “D**n right” for her remarks.

“Save the animals and the planet!” @sydneyroseann added after seeing Cyrus’s message encouraging her 69.3 million followers to try her lifestyle. “I love how you’re spreading the vegan message.”

But while Miley created a firestorm in the comments of her the Instagram post, this certainly isn’t the first time the singer has been outspoken about her dedication to veganism and encouraged others to stop eating meat.

As she revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2015, Miley originally became a vegan because she had a pet blowfish that she thought was “highly intelligent.”

Cyrus has also repeatedly posted to social media about being a proud vegan in the past, which prompted the animal rights organization PETA to ask if the former Hannah Montana actress is “the Veganest Vegan to Ever Vegan?”

Back in March 2016, Miley even posted a meme showing a man made out of vegetables reading a story to a child alongside the caption, “I’m not saying YOU have to be a vegan, but I’m a vegan and I just think it’s f***ed up you murder animals.”

What do you think of Miley Cyrus’s controversial remarks about veganism?

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