GH Sam's health crisis diagnosed

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Has Meningitis And Burton Returns As Jason – Source Confirms

General Hospital spoilers from an inside source at the ABC soap reveals what is ailing Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) and what Steve Burton will be up to when he comes back to Port Charles in a few weeks. This source posts hot tips from the GH set and seems to have an inside track. She had leaked lots of verifiable news weeks before the soap or actors officially confirmed it — including Burton’s return.

Confirmed Budig’s departure and other hot tips

Among the hot insider leaks that this source provided include reporting weeks ago that Rebecca Budig would exit the show. Much later, it was confirmed by Rebecca that her character Hayden Barnes was written out of the show. Another big reveal she made was that Roger Howarth had renewed his contract and was back on set. Whoever she is, she is an inside source – or has one on the set.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam’s illness is related to the birth of baby Scout, but it’s not postpartum depression like Dr. Bench (James DePaiva) suggested. One avid GH fan did her homework and matched Sam’s symptoms to that of bacterial meningitis and quizzed the General Hospital insider on whether she was right. The source confirmed she hit the nail on the head with her diagnosis.

Latest reveal: Sam has bacterial meningitis

You might remember from recent GH history that Sam fell off the bridge after a struggle with Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker) and wound up giving birth in an icky outdoor location, not a nice sterile hospital room. Sam’s symptoms began a few weeks later, and that matches the incubation period of the illness. Bacteria can cause meningitis, as can parasites and sometimes injury. Sam was probably exposed to all three when she gave birth.

While some General Hospital spoilers speculated that Sam might have a brain tumor like Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) had, it seems the writers have gone a different medical route. Some of the symptoms can include fever, confusion, and pain in the body. Remember how Sam was uncomfortable at the massage appointment when her neck was touched? A stiff neck can come with meningitis.

Bacterial meningitis explains all Sam’s symptoms

The important part is that bacterial meningitis can also trigger altered mental states, confusion, disorientation, delusions, or hallucinations. That sure sounds a lot like the behavior Sam is experiencing. The latest GH spoilers for this week from Soaps She Knows reveal that by mid-week, Sam is raging at her dad Julian Jerome (William deVry) and sees him as a threat like she does Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

Nathan Varni shared in a podcast in Spring that Sam’s illness would continue throughout the Summer and that before all was said and done, she would shoot someone. The prevailing candidate seems to be Sonny who is the target of Sam’s rage. However, new General Hospital spoilers for this week from Soap Central say Julian gets on Sam’s bad side as well and might also be at risk from her wrath. Sam’s illness may continue undiagnosed for a while yet since she’s lying about her symptoms to her doctor.

Burton returns as Jason – Jamey Giddens confirms

There have been lots of General Hospital spoilers, rumors, and speculation that when Steve Burton returns, it will be as his former role of Jason Morgan. This same source broke the news before the official announcement that Steve Burton was indeed on contract to return and now she’s leaked that he will return as the real Jason Morgan. That leaves many in a panic over Billy Miller.

This same inside source says Billy is in the midst of contract negotiations but seems interested in staying on GH, so there’s nothing firm on Miller’s future status with the soap. Another GH source with inside info is Jamey Giddens who maintains that a Jason twin twist is coming. When Giddens was repeatedly quizzed about Burton’s role on GH, he shared a GIF from the movie Twins starring Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

With Sam’s medical crisis and hallucinations plaguing her, it’s easy to imagine that she might think old Jason back in Port Charles with Steve Burton’s face is another disturbing vision in her mind. Sam might not be able to fathom that the real Jason is back and the guy she’s married to is someone else, likely his twin, if her brain isn’t functioning properly. Although the GH writers are giving Kelly Monaco excellent footage for her Emmy reel with this plot, if it drags on too long, fans will be irritated – many are already complaining about the plot lag on social media.

What do you think about Sam having bacterial meningitis? Are you happy it’s that instead of a tumor? Check back for more General Hospital spoilers on Sam and other hot plots.

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