Are Rick Grimes And Madison Clark Related? 'FTWD' Showrunner Speaks Out About 'Walking Dead' Crossover Theory

‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Rick Grimes And Madison Clark Related? ‘FTWD’ Showrunner Speaks Out

The Walking Dead and its companion series, Fear The Walking Dead, are two different shows. However, some fans believe Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) are related. Dave Erickson, showrunner for FTWD, recently spoke out about the crossover theory.

Possible spoilers might be ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want the answer to this important question.

In Fear The Walking Dead, Madison Clark reminded the other characters that she isn’t originally from Los Angeles. She comes from Alabama, which is why she sometimes has a Southern accent. In TWD, Rick Grimes is from Georgia and has a similar accent. This prompted some viewers to think Rick and Madison might be related. Finally, the answer has been revealed, but fans hoping for a connection might be disappointed with the answer.

In an interview with, Dave Erickson revealed that although Rick and Madison are both from the south and have similar accents, it is just a coincidence. According to the showrunner, Rick and Madison are not related at all. He found it to be an interesting speculation and teased it during his first Talking Dead appearance, but there is no connection at all between the two characters.

“You can hear her accent. I mean, Kim [is] from Alabama. And you can hear her accent come through every so often. And the character, as we come to learn, is also from Alabama. So I can only speak for myself and say she’s not related to Rick or anybody else on the other show. And the fact that she’s from the south is really just a coincidence.”

Ever since Fear The Walking Dead began airing on AMC, fans have been speculating about crossover theories. Would the characters from both shows end up crossing paths at some time in the future? In the past, creator Robert Kirkman has shot down such theories. He has made it clear that these are two completely different shows. They have different characters, unique storylines, and perhaps even different timelines.

As Colman Domingo explained in a recent interview, FTWD isn’t tied to a comic book like The Walking Dead. So, they are free to do their own thing and not risk disappointing viewers if certain storylines are not played out. However, it is still fun to speculate and that is exactly what fans will continue to do.

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What do you think of what Dave Erickson revealed about the crossover theory? Did you believe that Rick Grimes and Madison Clark were related? What other TWD fan theories do you find fascinating?

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