'Midnight, Texas' Spoilers: Cast Talks About The Unexpected, Town Attracts Good And Evil

‘Midnight, Texas’ Spoilers: Cast Talks About The Unexpected, Town Attracts Good And Evil

Midnight, Texas premieres on NBC in exactly two weeks. To prepare viewers for what is coming, the cast spoke about the highly anticipated series. Expect the unexpected. There will be lies, secrets, and betrayal. Also, the town attracts both good and evil.

Spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what is coming up on the summer TV show.

In a video posted on Spoiler TV, several cast members spoke about what fans can expect from the show, which is based on Charlaine Harris’ books. Francois Arnaud talked about his character, Manfred. He has psychic abilities but they are not exactly wanted. He needs to disappear because of some trouble he got himself into. Following his dead grandmother’s advice, he makes Midnight his new home. However, most of the town is leery and suspicious of the newcomer. Arnaud explains that the town is a place where outcasts go to be themselves.

The actor also said that being a psychic makes Manfred vulnerable. He sees visions and hears voices. The longer he stays in Midnight, the stronger his gift becomes.

Jason Lewis also had a few words to say about Midnight, Texas. He plays Joe Strong, an ancient angel in hiding. The actor explained that slowly, evil is starting to seep back into the community. Yul Vasquez, who portrays Reverend Emilio Sheehan, explained that the town draws both the good and the bad.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, even though Manfred Bernardo is considered an outside at first, he will unite with the other residents. There is a portal and the last time it was opened, evil came through. Together, they will have to work together to keep their town safe. However, there are lies, secrets, and betrayal sprinkled throughout the series. There is also a murder when Manfred first gets to town, and there will be problems with the locals, who are both human and supernatural creatures.

Author Charlaine Harris said those that have not read the books will be “hit in the face repeatedly by the unexpected.”

What do you think of what has been revealed about Midnight, Texas? Will you be watching the premiere on July 24?

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