One Punch Man Season 2 might be released in 2018.

‘One Punch Man’ Season 2: 2018 Release Possible, Series Might See Saitama’s Father, Origins Of Super Powers

Following the phenomenal premiere season of One Punch Man, fans of the hit anime series are anticipating the definite air date of its second installment. While official statements are yet to be released by its showrunners and network, various theories and speculations have emerged suggesting on possible storylines for the upcoming season.

Rumors have it that One Punch Man Season 2 will most likely have a 2018 release date, especially since production and promotions are expected to take almost a year. While the comeback of the caped bald hero is highly expected, several fans on Reddit came up with theories that the forthcoming season will trace the roots of Saitama and explore more of his enormous powers.

There were also claims that Saitama could possibly be a monster in his past life and his obsession with people provoked him to be one with them. Considering his unbeatable strength, it is inevitable to think that he is not just any ordinary human being.

Some fans also came up with the theory that the One Punch Man lead character will meet his demise in Season 2. Although the idea is far-fetched, many believe that the series will eventually end with Saitama’s fight with his biggest opponent that will most likely end his life.

As the air date remains a guessing game for everyone, one possible angle of the script in Saitama’s new chapter is the revelation of his father. Blast, the top-ranked member of the Heroes’ Association, makes a potential candidate.

Rumors claimed that they share the same level of super powers. Some pointed out the reason as to why Saitama and Blast never meet – one’s power is the loss of the other.

If the theory of Blast being Saitama’s father will not come to fruition, other theories suggest that he might be the other identity of the bald superhero. Apparently, there were some who believe that Blast is Saitama’s “reality version” since he is too strong to last on Earth.

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If these theories will be the real deal in the forthcoming season of One Punch Man Season 2, the huge fan base of the phenomenal franchise will be having a thrilling treat. However, it is worth noting that such claims have yet to be confirmed so it’s best to take it with a grain of salt.

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