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‘BB19’ Episode 6 Recap: Spoilers From July 9 Episode On CBS

This BB19 Episode 6 recap comes from Sunday, July 9. When last we saw the Big Brother 19 cast, they were competing in a Head of Household Competition that strongly resembled Candy Crush. On Sunday night, CBS was back to show fans the conclusion of that HOH Competition and just who had taken over the power in the house.

Episode 6 of BB19 began with a few quick highlights of what took place leading up to that HOH Competition. By an 8-4 vote, Jillian Parker was evicted from the Big Brother house and Christmas Abbott survived to play at least another week. Christmas has two broken bones in her foot, though, so it might not be a long stay in the game for her this summer. The vote was not what Cody Nickson or Jessica Graf expected and they were not pleased afterward.

Following the Eviction Ceremony, the houseguests began competing to become the next Head of Household, with only Cody Nickson (the outgoing HOH) watching from the sidelines. All of the houseguests had to grab candies from the backyard and break them to find tickets. Those tickets could be exchanged for balls to roll toward a hole in the backyard. The object of the competition was very simple: Be the first BB19 cast member to get the ball into that hole. Paul Abrahamian won the competition.

The Den of Temptation again played a part in the Big Brother house, as America decided who would receive the next “special power.” Last time it was Paul Abrahamian who received the Pendant of Protection and this time it was Christmas Abbott who won the Ring of Replacement. The Ring of Replacement allows Christmas to swap places with any of the three people chosen at random to play in a Power of Veto competition. She has three weeks to use this power.

There was also a consequence for the BB19 house due to Christmas Abbott taking the temptation. Christmas was allowed to pick three people to be cursed for the week. She chose Cody Nickson, Jessica Graf, and Jason Dent to suffer through the curse. It required the trio to wear frog costumes for the rest of the week and hop everywhere they go. In other words, they were not pleased to be cursed. These scenes certainly brought a lot of humor to Big Brother 19 Episode 6.

Leading up to the Nomination Ceremony, HOH Paul Abrahamian actually worked with Alex Ow and Josh Martinez, using them as pawns so that he could target Cody Nickson later on in the week. This means Alex and Josh would have to fight for their lives in the Veto Competition after learning they had been nominated. For fans who want to read how that all turned out, a previous report by the Inquisitr reveals Big Brother 19 spoilers regarding the Veto results.

That brings an end to this BB19 Episode 6 recap from Sunday, July 9

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