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Gal Gadot Alleged Nude Photos Leaked In The Midst Of ‘Wonder Woman’ Success, Claimed To Be Fake

Gal Gadot is being hit with claims that a number of her alleged nude photos have leaked, it’s been reported.

The actress, who, according to Harper’s Bazaar, made history by helping the DC Universe produce its most successful domestic opening yet with Wonder Woman, is said to be oblivious by the allegations because they are simply not true, Gossip Cop notes.

However, an actual confirmation from her team has yet to be made.

Several outlets have picked up on the story concerning supposed nude photos of Gal Gadot, but a source tells GC that there’s no truth to any sort of explicit images of Gal being leaked, despite what other outlets claim to know.

One news outlet, according to Gossip Cop, claims that the photos date back to Gal Gadot’s modeling days, and though she wouldn’t have expected to see them come to light again, the photos are now making their way around the internet.

The pictures that were said to have been leaked nude photos of Gal Gadot were actually taken from a 2013 photo shoot the actress did with The Standard magazine, but she certainly wasn’t topless.

It’s believed that the current photos that are making their way around the internet are actually photoshopped pictures of Gal Gadot — they are not authentic photos, a source tells Gossip Cop.

It’s further explained that in the midst of the success Gal Gadot has had with Wonder Woman, it was only a matter of time before such rumors would be made about her, but again, there’s no truth to any nude photos hitting the internet of the actress.

The original website who published the photos were said to have been Celeb Jihad, an outlet that is notoriously known for photoshopping celebrity images and altering them to appear nude, before claiming that they are 100 percent authentic.

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The website has faced multiple lawsuits in the past for its fabricated lies, and this time was no different.

No legal action has been put in place just yet, presumably because Gal Gadot is not as bothered about the claims as her fans are.


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Of course, that doesn’t mean that Gal Gadot won’t change her mind should it be the case that the story continues to grow, knowing that the photos of her supposed nude pictures are photoshopped.

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