Jonathan Jackson of 'GH'

Steve Burton Teases Jonathan Jackson Could Return To ‘GH’: Is Lucky Spencer Coming Back?

Steve Burton is returning to General Hospital and along with his big return comes a lot of speculation. Soap Hub teased that Steve is now teasing that Jonathan Jackson could end up coming back once again as well. Fans know that Jonathan is busy on Nashville and with his music career, but there might be a way that he can fit it all in.

Steve and Jonathan are really good friends and even own a restaurant together. On Saturday night a fan asked Steve on Twitter about if Jonathan would ever come back again. His response was “never know.” Of course, the fans went wild with this idea and hope that this means that Jonathan is coming back. Steve didn’t say that it wasn’t going to happen. If anyone from GH would know about what Jackson is up to, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was Steve Burton.

If Lucky Spencer returns, then this would make things pretty crazy for Elizabeth. She is doing well with Franco right now, but Lucky is always going to be a big part of her life. There are also rumors that Steve Burton will turn out to be the real Jason Morgan. This is going to confuse Sam for sure and of course, Elizabeth would not know what to do with herself either. Can you imagine if Elizabeth had Jason and Lucky both back in Port Charles again?

So what could this mean for Nashville? The show has already been renewed and isn’t going anywhere right now. It would be shocking if they decided to kill off or have Jonathan’s character leave, so if he was to return to General Hospital, they would probably try to find a way for him to do both. The fans love it anytime that Jonathan shows up, even if it is just for a few episodes, so maybe Steve can talk him into doing that at least.

What do you think of the idea of Jonathan Jackson returning to General Hospital again? Are you excited for Steve Burton’s return? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of General Hospital weekdays on ABC. If Jonathan Jackson is going to return, hopefully, the news will come out soon!

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