Shooting At Baby Gender Party Leaves 911 Dispatchers Struggling Through the Screams

Shooting At Baby Gender Party On 911 Tapes — Dispatchers Struggle Through Screams

Friends and family were gathered for a party that was held so an expectant mother could announce the gender of her unborn baby to the house full of loved ones. It wasn’t too long after they learned that the baby was a boy, that a tragedy ended this family event Saturday night. The party was the scene of a mass shooting by two unknown gunmen, leaving one woman dead and eight people shot, including children.

The expectant mother was shot in the leg and she lost her baby. The mother told reporters on Sunday that the party was for her so she could announce the gender of her baby, but the day after this home invasion shooting she reports she lost her unborn baby. Two men were seen walking around outside the house by one of the people at the party and they just came into the home and opened fire on the crowd, taking aim at anyone and everyone, witnesses said. According to CNN News, the group was gathered in the living room when the shooting began around 11:30 p.m. in a home in Colerain Township, just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Two gunmen were dressed all in black, a woman screamed on the phone to the 911 dispatcher, who was trying to get some information on the victims. She then changed her mind and said maybe they were wearing hoodies. They came from outside the house with guns and just opened fire, she said to the 911 operator. Police officers were beckoned to the home by a few 911 phone calls made by unidentified people at the party and neighbors.

The calls started when the shots were fired, with one of the first calls coming from a woman who was outside the home. According to the Inquisitr in an earlier article, one woman was sitting outside in her car, and she was not seen by the gunmen when making a call to the police. She stayed on the phone with the dispatcher and when she saw the gunman leave, she was instructed to yell into the house to find out the number of people injured. She didn’t get an answer in the chaos.

The woman told the 911 dispatcher that there are two men who “were acting sneaky,” as she talked on her phone outside the residence, according to the Washington Post. The two men ran into the house and started shooting, which is heard from another 911 call that came from one of the male guests at the house. This man was inside the home at the time of the shooting. He was also shot, which he told the dispatcher. The unidentified man also told the dispatcher that “they shot all of us.” By now the dispatchers were trying to get a rough estimate of how many victims the first responders should expect, but this was not an easy task from the panicked group.

The 911 operators were having a rough time attempting to get a picture of the scene. They needed to know how many officers and paramedics to send out to the home, but the people calling in were moaning, crying, and screaming, so it was hard to obtain any useful information from these calls. According to 911 Dispatcher, the dispatcher’s job is like a lifeline for the police officers arriving at the home.

When asking questions about the shooting suspects, the dispatchers are collecting this information to pass along to the responding officers. The suspects, in this case, were dressed in black and possibly wearing hoodies, which is what one woman had told the 911 operator. This is who the officers will look for when arriving on the scene. Without a description of the shooters, they would have no way of knowing who was who doing the shooting at the scene if the gunmen were still there and concealing their weapons.

It is also extremely important that the dispatchers send enough medical responders to a scene, so wanting a count of the victims would help them assess how many to send. As it was in this case, the township didn’t have enough ambulances for the amount of wounded, and they needed to put a call out to other nearby townships for help.

Children were screaming in the background of another 911 call, which came in at the same time the others did. Police arrived to find a chaotic scene of terrified people with one woman dead and eight others shot, including three kids. The gunmen were gone by this time.

According to CNN News, a neighbor also called 911 to report the shooting when a woman showed up at her door bleeding from a gunshot wound. She had been at the party. When the dispatcher asked the neighbor questions, she told the dispatcher that she didn’t know anything. She was at home minding her own business when the woman showed up at her door. She was calling to get her help. Another responsibility of the 911 dispatcher is to talk people through life-saving efforts on any victims that need help until the first responders arrive. This was yet another reason the dispatchers were trying to get information.

There have been no suspects named or any arrests made in this tragic event. CNN News reports that the police are not sure if the suspects were known to the victims of this shooting rampage. They don’t know if someone in this group was a target or not. The suspects left on foot, according to witnesses. The investigation was still going on Sunday when a reporter at the residence saw a woman on crutches. According to the Washington Post, the woman appeared “downcast.” She told WCPO News that the party was for her to reveal the gender of her baby. She had been shot in the leg and lost her unborn baby.

The 911 dispatchers received a number of calls during the shooting from people on the scene, but through the chaos and screaming, they never got a definitive answer. They tried and tried again to get a picture of how many were wounded, but it was to no avail. They weren’t the only ones that failed to get information right away. When one of the first officers on the scene tried to assess the situation, he couldn’t get the exact number of injured right away either, due to the chaos.

Another man who called 911 told one of the dispatchers that there was “a whole lot” when asked about the number of shooting victims. He reported that he too was bleeding, possibly from his stomach, but he wasn’t sure. A woman cried and screamed on the phone for an ambulance for her husband, she told the dispatcher he had been shot and was dying.

One of the dispatchers can be heard on one of the 911 calls telling a woman to please stop screaming so she could help her. There weren’t enough ambulances in the township to transport all the wounded, so police put a call out to nearby towns. When the scene was finally assessed there was one woman dead and one woman in critical condition. The seven other shooting victims, three children, and four adults are said to be in stable condition without life-threatening injuries. No motive has been given for the shooting as of yet.

On another note, many people on the social media sites have commented that the “gender reveal” party sounded as if it were LGBT related. “Gender reveal” parties are something that new technology has created. Now that women know the gender of their baby through a much more detailed ultrasound than was offered a few decades ago, the gender reveal has become an event. These parties have become part of the modern-day culture today. People have found very creative ways to announce the sex of their expected baby, Youtube is filled with videos of jaw-dropping gender reveals. There are a few tweets below that show how confusing the “gender reveal” party headlines were to some folks today.

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