selena gomez teases fans with new artwork for fetish song

Selena Gomez Flashes Nipples, Teasing Fans With New ‘Fetish’ Song Artwork

Selena Gomez flashed her nipples through a thin yellow dress in sneak-peek photos for her highly-anticipated new song, “Fetish.”

Teasing her fans with “Fetish”

Selena Gomez has been showing fans a more provocative, edgy side of herself lately. The singer’s new song “Fetish” is set to debut on July 13, according to her Instagram.

The 24-year-old teased her fans with a few photos and even unveiled the cover of the new song on Instagram, according to International Business Times. With 123 million followers, Selena was definitely able to get the word out about her new track.

The “Bad Liar” songstress features the 37-year-old rapper, Gucci Mane, according to the “Fetish” artwork. The track will be released by Interscope Records.

Gomez posed for multiple photos for “Fetish.” The cover art had a vintage feel—from her lemon yellow short-sleeve maxi dress to the old, wrecked car in the background.

Selena wore minimal makeup and debuted a new, choppy haircut. She posed with a brown paper bag and in one shot, sat in the middle of the road in a neighborhood with a paper and plastic bag.

She wore no bra, which wasn’t extremely apparent until she shared an up-close photo with the sun beaming down on her face and her nipples clearly poking through her dress.


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Selena Gomez knows how to get her fans excited without giving too much away. While the song is called “Fetish,” it is not known what it is about, and the cryptic cover artwork did not help fans get much more clarity.


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The “It Ain’t Me” singer did add a short clip of “Fetish” at the end of her music video for “Bad Liar” to get the promotion going early.

Gucci Mane did admit to working with Selena on a new song during a radio interview with 99Jamz earlier this year but didn’t say much more because “it’s her song.”

Finding balance and making music

The brunette beauty, who is dating R&B singer The Weeknd, recently revealed that she has been working hard in the studio recording new music for the past year, adding that “it’s coming a lot faster than people think,” Nation reported.

Gomez mentioned that she loved that there was “a little mystery” behind her new song, which she says “sounds so different” from any of her songs.

“And I don’t really have a set plan, but a lot of new music is coming for sure.”


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The 24-year-old admitted that she definitely “hovered away a little bit” earlier this year because she was trying to find “balance in her life.”

She has attributed discovering balance to taking moments for herself and choosing to work on what she is most passionate about.


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What do you think “Fetish” will be about? Will you listen to Selena Gomez’s new song when it drops July 13? Let us know in the comments section below.

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