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Kim Kardashian Reportedly Paid Beauty Bloggers For Positive KKW Contour Collection Reviews

Kim Kardashian allegedly paid several beauty bloggers and YouTube stars to give positive reviews of her brand new KKW contour collection.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, it’s been just over a week since Kim Kardashian launched her collection, and, to some people’s surprise, the makeup kit has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.

On YouTube, in particular, many YouTube stars have raved about the product, calling it a must-have, while others said they wouldn’t use anything else now that they have Kim Kardashian’s contour collection.

Sources claim that the TV personality actually paid bloggers and YouTube sensations a great sum of money to have them praise her products in the hopes that it would increase sales once the items were set to go on sale.

Kim Kardashian supposedly targeted some of the biggest beauty bloggers and makeup artists that share their work on social media and on YouTube.

Not only did she allegedly pay them a significant amount of money, as revealed by CDL, she also invited them back to her home in Calabasas, California, where they would engage in conversations that would end up being posted on Snapchat.

It was a great publicity move to have bloggers and videographers invited over to her home since it was raising more awareness to the contouring kit Kim Kardashian was set to release at the time.

Of course, those who weren’t paid to compliment Kim Kardashian’s makeup line didn’t have so many nice things to say after having purchased the sachet of contouring products.


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Many people had actually complained that the amount of product one receives for $50 is absurd, calling the item overly priced and stands no chance to compete against companies who produce the same contouring kit for half the price.

It was also said that Kim Kardashian’s countering kit lacked quality and quantity — the product doesn’t stay on the face as well as other brands, and, again, for the money that fans have splashed, it simply isn’t worth it.

Kim Kardashian has yet to respond to claims that she paid a handful of bloggers and YouTube stars for the positive feedback on her makeup brand, but it seems unlikely that she’ll comment on it.

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